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I Need Your Expertise –

UPDATED: Mary sent me an article in comments which explains the egg quality. If anyone is interested, the answer is on page 5. We have thrown all of the eggs out and will not eat them. Thanks to all of you who responded.

Egg Quality 

 I need help with a question. I have gotten two dozen eggs from Walmart pickup that are odd. I know I can’t return them but I need to know if we can eat them or if we should toss them. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years.

The yolk of the eggs is like rubber after I crack the shell. You poke it to break and it will not break no matter how many times I stab it. The color is fine and the shells were not cracked. We have already thrown out one dozen.  But now I have a second dozen. I cracked one to make scrambled eggs and the yolk was the same way. The sell by date is 06/17/20.

Can anyone tell me if they have ever seen this before? What is causing this? Are the eggs safe to eat?

If you know the answer, please share it with me in comments. Thank you for your help.