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Prep Time Makes Things Easy

I prepped for Hubby’s birthday dinner very early this morning. I hate having to do things last minute. 

The first thing I did was make the hamburgers from the 2 pounds of organic grass fed ground beef that I purchased at Aldi yesterday. 

Then it was on to cutting up the veggies for us to dip. Nothing fancy, just sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, celery sticks and red pepper sticks. I will make the dips about 2 hours before we eat.

Next I sliced the baby bella mushrooms so that they are ready to saute.

Then I sliced the onions that will get sauteed in butter also.  

Then I cut up the some of the fruit and put it to store in prep containers in the fridge. I have cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes. Then a half hour before I grill, I will slice the apples and peaches into my fruit salad as I am putting it together. I will also slice up some bananas to go in it. 

I have about 10 different choices of cheese in the fridge so my family can pick their favorite and they will go on the burgers last minute to melt. 

The table is set with the dishes and glassware. A new jar of dill pickles has been put out along with a bag of wavy chips. The hamburger buns and brioce buns have also been put on the table for everyone to choose what they want. 

I am getting excited because Hubby has no idea that this is a celebration for him. I hid the cake and ice cream. He never saw it.

I don’t normally post on a Saturday but it was easy to take some photos while I was doing this.

I always try to prep ahead all of our meals. These prep containers make it easy. I purchased them on 
Amazon . For those who wonder, no this is not my link that I make money off of. I am not an Amazon affiliate.

Hoping that all of you are having a terrific weekend!