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Get Your OTC Medicines Etc.

I think everyone knows that most of the ingredients for OTC and prescription drugs are made in China. However, many of those ingredients are purchased by India. India processes many of our generic prescriptions and many, many of the OTC medicines.

Covid 19 has blown up the past week or so in India. Because of this, many of the manufacturing plants that make these medicines could be shut down. You saw what happened to our supply chain with toilet paper.

In my estimation going without prescriptions and OTC drugs is worse than going without toilet paper. If you are able to get your doctor to write a new prescription for any that come from India do it. My insurance will not pay for an extra prescription but I feel it is worth paying for out of our pocket so we don’t have to go without if there are shortages.

This morning I purchased the above OTC items in case of shortages along with some razor refills that I needed. All of this cost us a little over $130. Yes, the prices are high but I believe they will go even higher.

Rather than earn a little interest on this money, I am using it as a hedge against the inflation that I see coming soon from this last stimulus. I am also making sure that if we get sick and need these items, we have them. There is nothing worse than having to run to the drug store or Walmart when someone gets sick in your family and finding that the shelves have been stripped.

So protect yourselves and your families. Be sure to watch the expiration dates.