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My Best Score After Christmas

Today, I went to my local Rite Aid to pick up a prescription. While I was there, I quickly browsed the after Christmas discounted areas.

I found such a great buy that I just had to take a few minutes to let you know about it. Unfortunately they only had one left. But I was very happy to get that.

It was a 3 pack of peanuts(12 oz. cans). I am not crazy about peanuts but Hubby will occasionally eat them. We also serve them when we have company. So I was very happy to find these discounted. As you can see, they were $12.99 before Christmas.

Now take a look at the price I got them for. Yes, the price was $ 3.24. I held my breath as the cashier scanned the UPC and sure enough, it rang up at $ 3.24.

So if you have a Rite Aid near you, look for this box of nuts. They are easy to stockpile and handy to have as a snack if someone visits.

We are having company tomorrow night to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. Finally that bottle of champagne that has been in my fridge will get popped.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year!