Every Day

Shopping from my Pantry and Freezer

When I was rummaging around in my freezer, I found a very large package of cocktail hotdogs. I have been trying to use up what I have in the house. I made some for West for a recent Sunday brunch and he loved them. So I took this last package from the freezer to thaw last Friday. Then my son called me that evening and told me that West was sick so they would not be coming for Sunday brunch.

Knowing that I had some crescent rolls in the refrigerator, I decided to use them up. So these were dinner last night. We had a huge salad for brunch so no veggies were necessary. We had enough left over for a few lunches this week. I did refreeze about 20 of them to make for West when they come again. However, I have no more crescent rolls and I refuse to pay the price they are asking for them. So I found a copycat recipe online to make the dough and then wrap the hotdogs. It looks very easy. Here is the recipe if anyone is interested: .

After dinner, I decided to thaw a large sirloin tip roast. My plan was to make a beef stew in the crock pot today and eat on it the rest of the week. But this morning I remembered that it is Hubby’s birthday tomorrow. So that was not going to work and the roast is back in the freezer. I promised Hubby that I would make a big pan of lasagna for his birthday dinner.

The last time that I actually went to a grocery store I was shocked at so many of the prices. For example, we wanted A1 sauce and we had none. Walmart was out of stock on it and one of my other grocery stores wanted $ 9.08 for a small bottle. Needless to say it is still on the store shelf.

When I got home, I looked up a recipe for the A1 steak sauce and found a copycat recipe which is here: . I have every ingredient except the orange. But I have orange extract that I can substitute. This week I will make some and it will be much cheaper and healthier than the original.

So many people across this country have stocked up on food in case of an emergency. Well, I think these outrageous prices are the emergency. There are so many things that I can make rather than pay exorbitant prices at the grocery store. I would bet that most of us have the ingredients in our pantries to do just that. Think about using up some of your food before it goes bad. I know it is more work but I believe that in this economy, it is well worth the savings and the time.

Tonight Hubby and I will be making a Chef’s salad for dinner. We have plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, red onion, black olives, hard boiled eggs, real bacon bits, and ham, chicken, and cheese to use up. Throw in some croutons and our choice of salad dressing and we have a yummy meal with no leftovers. So we will be ready to eat that lasagna tomorrow night!

We got our electric and gas bill today. It was $ 116.37. More on that in our frugal post the end of the week.

How are you lowering your grocery bills? Are up shopping in your own pantry and freezers?