Every Day

My Absence

My absence is related to our garage project. The contractors finished up on Friday. However, Sunday was the first day that we could put all of the smaller things that were in our driveway(because the garage had been emptied to do the floor) back in the garage. Monday, I had to take Hubby to an eye appointment and then we spent the rest of the afternoon moving the large things back in.

As you can tell by the picture, we are now trying to clean things(our makeshift table to set things on to wash) and get some semblance of order back. 

I just got done putting some of the things on the shelves into categories so that I can buy the proper containers and label them. 

Hubby just went to Home Depot to get some supplies we need. When he gets back, we will continue by first folding up the large drop cloth that was over the items in the driveway. Once I figure out how many containers we need, I will go and get them. 

Here is a close up of the floor. We love it. We will paint the walls and ceiling next spring a light gray.

The car can’t go back in for another week. But that will give me time to give it a bath and detail the inside.

I will post when I can. I am beat doing this but it must be done for winter.