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What I Saw At The Grocery Store Today

I went to my local Top’s grocery store today to get some BS Chicken Breasts to can. They were on sale for $ 1.99 a lb. I picked up a large package.

They also had frozen extra large cooked shrimp at $ 8.99. It was the same price I had paid in early 2021 which I thought was weird. So I went to the freezer case to get one or two. That is when I noticed that they had smudged off the best buy date on every package. That immediately warned me that they were old and out of date. I went through every package to try to find one that still had the date on it. There were none; they were all wiped off. I left without buying any. They are trying to get rid of old stuff and I was not paying good money for that. So watch your dates. I have seen this on cans too where the dates show they will expire in a couple of weeks. I saw it today on dried fruits also.

I am getting low on eggs also but it was $ 1.89 on sale for a dozen eggs. Then I noticed that I could get 24 Eggland’s Best eggs for $ 8.49. I walked right on by. I have two other places that I will look for eggs tomorrow. If I can’t get eggs for a decent price, we will eat powdered eggs.

As I perused the dairy aisle, I noticed that cow’s milk was almost non- existent but there was plenty of vegan or oat milk. A quart of heavy whipping cream or half and half was $ 6.49. Our yogurt aisle which is normally a huge part of a dairy aisle was getting low but all of a sudden there is a vegan section that has taken over part of it and it is well stocked.

The Beyond Meat section is growing and growing but the meat is getting low. Hopefully, you can read between the lines here. I wouldn’t want to say that this is being orchestrated!

They also had fresh berries B1GF that I would not feed to anyone. They had put the paper liners in the bottoms to soak up the juice. They were way beyond fresh.

The freezer cases were really lacking on pizzas and frozen snacks. Many aisles were not well stocked. There were holes everywhere.

I don’t even want to get into how high the prices have gone up just in the last 10 days. So many are ridiculous! I will not pay them.

Soon I will write about what you can do to try to save a little money at the market. That is if you can even find the food!

Are any of you guys seeing these same things in your area? I live very close to the second largest city in New York State.