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What I Did To Avoid Going Out In The Car

UPDATE: The fajita seasoning was delicious and very similar to the packet mixes. So this recipe is a keeper and now I will go fill up my spice bottle. I did leave the sugar out of it though and I added about 1/2 cup of water to make a sauce. I also used low sodium bouillon powder instead of the cube.

I have been working very hard on a project all day. Before I started I took some chicken out to thaw for dinner. Hubby wants chicken fajitas. When I searched in my pantries, I could not find any Fajita Seasoning Mixes.

I did not feel like leaving my project to go out to the market. So I just googled a recipe and made some. I knew those extra glass spice jars would come in handy. I only made what the recipe called for which did not fill up the spice jar. But that is a good thing since we haven’t used it yet. If we like it then I will make more to fill the jar.

It was so easy and the recipe is Fajita Seasoning Mix.
Here’s hoping that it is delicious! And if we like it, it only took pennies to make. 

Do you have a fajita seasoning mix recipe that you would be willing to share?