Every Day

August 9: Low Spend Grocery Challenge

Breakfast today was a slice of banana bread spread with cream cheese. We needed to eat something before we traveled to our son’s home. It’s many miles away. Sorry about the shadow. We took a loaf of banana bread to them for their breakfast tomorrow.

We went there to visit them for most of the day. It was so good to see and spend time with all of them. Hubby was so happy to meet their new dog, Ludo(bottom pic). He is just so huggable like a big bear. But of course, we had to spend some time with Nori(top pic) too. They are both terrific dogs.

We told them we would treat for takeout for lunch. Before we left this morning, I signed up for DiBella’s reward program and they gave me a 50% off coupon for our order. So submarines for 5 of us only cost $20.87. This comes out of our entertainment budget which has a ton of money in it because we rarely go anyplace or do anything since the sickness hit.

However on the trip to visit them, Hubby hit a dog who jumped out of the weeds right in front of our car. Hubby did his best to brake and try to avoid him but we heard the thud. Hubby started to get out of the car expecting to see an injured dog in the road but the dog ran off. 

We went to the ranch whose dog we thought it might be and sure enough the dog was running around like nothing happened. Hubby found the owner in the barn feeding her horses. She was very apologetic but Hubby wanted her to look at the dog to make sure he was okay. He just had a little blood between two toes. Otherwise the owner said the dog was fine. She said he was only a year old and very rambunctious. The Lord was looking over us and that dog. Hubby seemed fine to continue on the trip to our son’s. I was a little shook but it went away.

We never even thought to look at our SUV until we were at my son’s home. No sign of any damage at all. Everybody was lucky on this one.  

We just got home a few minutes ago and Hubby is settled in his chair to read the Sunday paper and do his crossword puzzle.

The reason I told you in my menu plan that dinner was to be determined is because of our trip. We didn’t know how hungry we would be when we got home for dinner. However, we each ordered medium subs. We only each ate 1/2 of our subs for lunch. So we have the other 1/2 left for dinner. Mine which was a Philly steak with cheese and grilled peppers and onions is pictured. Hubby had an Italian sub. I will heat mine up in the air fryer. But we will have a late dinner because we are both stuffed. I will be right back on my diet tomorrow.

If any of you have DiBellas’s near you, you can get the same deal of 50% off your first order by going through the link. It is good for, I think, 7 days.

I plan on continuing to work on my yearlong list of what is needed during that time so that I can shop for those things at the best prices.

I hope you all have a great evening.