Every Day

Just being Spontaneous!

I know I wasn’t going to post but I am just being spontaneous which has given me a great idea for posting in 2019! More on that in January.

We had a recipe box that was really a large photo box. I have been collecting our favorite recipes in it for over 51 years. Hubby likes to cook and this box was driving him crazy. Recipes were filed behind alphabetical dividers which meant every time you wanted to make a recipe, you had to go through every “C” recipe or “S” recipe.

He found a better way. He used a recipe program online and typed all of the recipes into it. It let him categorize them into appetizers, meats, desserts, etc. He then printed them out on blank “Franklin Planner” paper that fit a planner 3 ring notebook. These were both items that weren’t being used and had been sitting in the office for years. We had over 200 recipes when he was done. We can easily add recipes to it when we find a new one. He even made a Category Index. It is still a work in progress. He is awaiting custom tab pages from Franklin Planner to separate the categories and he has to put a label on. He has named it “Mom and Dad’s Cookbook”. We are hoping someday to gift it to our kids. 

But just to give you an idea, it is open and pictured above. Last night I made the Chicken recipe and of course I forgot to take a picture before we dug into it.  I made a huge pan that will feed us three nights because I am busy and don’t have much time to cook this week. We loved this and I hadn’t made it in a few years.

Yes, he spelled Bleu wrong but it is easily fixed and he is fixing it now.

Hubby and I no longer exchange Christmas gifts but this is the best gift that he ever could have given us for Christmas. It took him many hours to do and I am most appreciative. Now we can easily find whatever recipe we are looking for.