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Cutting Costs on Wednesday

A couple of years ago, I got a deal on this foundation that I use most of the time. I got 6 bottles for $ 3.00 each. This is my last one and there is very little left in the top of the bottle. Both Amazon and Walmart have it for $14.78. I do have Amazon reward points that I can use to bring it down to $13.45. However, I would have to spend more than this to get free shipping since I do not subscribe to Prime.

I have decided to not pay that price because I have all of these. They are not my favorites but I am not going to waste them. Some of the colors are a little off but I will mix them if need be. Some are perfect for winter when my skin is lighter than in the summer. When they are all gone, I will look for a deal again.

Hubby had a button come off his shorts. Looking around the house, he found it and sewed it back on. That saved us from having to buy a button. Small things do add up.

We were craving egg, bacon, and cheese breakfast sandwiches for brunch. So I decided to make homemade ones. I have not made English muffins recently nor did we have croissants. However, we had sesame buns that Hubby likes for his sandwiches. They are getting old but still very soft. So I cooked up the bacon, made eggs, and a cheddar cheese slice. Then I am putting them in the microwave to melt the cheese a little. They were delicious and satisfied our craving.

Waste not want not. There was a small piece of cooked egg left so I put that in a sandwich baggie in the fridge. It will end up in another breakfast sandwich or in stir fried rice.

A couple of years ago I found many packages of Christmas sandwich baggies on sale for 90% off. I bought lots and have been reaching for these when I need one for over 2 years.

We had strip steaks last night seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. I was just letting the steaks rest while I cooked the broccoli.

Last night for entertainment, I continued to read “The Tightwad Gazette”.

Did you do anything to save today?

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Hi Precious, I went to Kroger and stayed in my budget. I bought mostly fresh things. I did have tortillas on my list and found some clearance ones to try for .84. The clearance area at our Kroger had a lot of snacks and those little powder packets you put in water bottles. I got some of the snacks for when we have the girls this summer and go places. I didn’t buy the powder packets b/c we don’t use them. I also got Hubby some clearance creamer for 1.58. It is frosting flavor and pink in color but he won’t care.

Later for supper we will have some brisket from the freezer that hubby cooked last year, baked beans in the crockpot and I will make potato salad also. And fruit. I might make pudding for dessert or we can have Oreos. It is family dinner night.

Hi Chris,

Nice score on the tortillas and creamer. You can’t see or taste the pink in the coffee 🙂

Brisket sounds delicious. I am coming for dinner. Set a place for me. 🙂 Enjoy your family!

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