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Cutting Costs

Today I cancelled Peacock TV. That will be a $ 5.99 savings every month. I also cancelled Hulu which will save us $ .99 a month We were paying these every month but I found that we weren’t watching them. Hubby was the one watching Peacock for sports but I noticed that he had not watched it in months. We still have Paramount + which we get free with Walmart +. I asked Hubby about cancelling Walmart + but he said we should hang onto it because we really may need deliveries over the winter and he loves Paramount+. I am willing for now but will save up any items that are the least expensive until we have enough to order or pickup. Time will tell how we are using it. After the winter, I may cancel or not. To be honest, we watch more You Tube than anything because it is free and we can learn from it.

On Tuesday I had to go pick up a prescription for Hubby. The cost for that was $ 4.95 for 90 days of pills. He stayed home to deal with the company who checks our A/C every year so that we maintain our warranty. I did not expect a problem since this was new A/C that was installed a year ago. There was no problem and the A/C is quite efficient. Pest control was also coming. I hate bugs especially bees and spiders. They only come every 3 months or if we call them with a problem.

While I was out, I decided to stop at Top’s, Dollar Tree, and Aldi’s just for a few things that we needed. We love one egg roll whenever I make homemade Chinese food. Someone told me that Aldi’s egg rolls are delicious and cheap. I have been paying $ 4.69 for Chung’s(4 in a box) at Top’s. This Chung’s today was free with a coupon that the manufacturer sent me. The other box from Aldi’s cost $ 2.95 for 5 egg rolls. We will see if they taste any good. They are a bit smaller than Chung’s. I think the reason that I had never seen them at Aldi’s before is they are near the pizzas.

The same girl told me that they eat Aldi’s General Tso’s chicken with them. Hubby loves that. So he asked me to pick one up. It cost $ 7.15. The next time he wants it, I will try making it from scratch. The breakfast sausage was only $ 1.99. I needed this for our Sunday breakfasts.

Next I stopped at Dollar Tree. I grabbed 3 of the John Morrell smoked sausage. They were $ 1.25 minus a $ 1.00 mfrs. coupon for each. Final cost was $ .25 each. They can be sliced up just like hot dogs and used in almost any dish.

The last stop was for half and half at Top’s which was $ 5.99. It is $5.64 at Walmart but I decided not to make that extra stop there and because Walmart’s goes bad a lot quicker than the Top’s one. We don’t go through it that quickly. I also got Hubby some Decaf coffee for $ 5.69. Total for all of this shopping was $ 24.52.

Top’s last week gave me a coupon to turn in for 100 free gasoline points this week. So I got those added to my card.

Hubby has one watering can which we keep in the backyard to water flowers. We thought we needed another one out front to water the hanging baskets. But we decided to use 2 – 2 liter empty bottles instead. One bottle of water for each basket is perfect. Use up what we have is our motto.

I take Florastor to help with gut issues. It is very expensive. I take 2 a day and buy the 100 count capsules. So it lasts just 50 days. I googled it this morning and ordered 1 bottle at the best price I could find which was $53.77 at Walmart. It is shipping free. The last time I ordered it was $62.06 so I saved $ 8.29 this time.

As you can see the stitched seam has come out on the top of this drape in the grandchildren’s guest room. I do not have a sewing machine anymore so I will stitch this by hand this afternoon. I have no idea what a seamstress would charge me.

I will be using up all of the rest of these toxic cleaners in my stockpile. Then I will use natural homemade cleaners for pennies on the dollar. I will be glad when they are all gone.

Tonight for dinner we will be having Chef’s salads. Lots of lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, celery, and turkey with our choice of dressing. I will put a dozen eggs in the instant pot today so we will have a hard boiled eggs on it too. The rest of the eggs will be for breakfasts and snacks the next few days.

We had blight on our pear tree this year. A tree guy told Hubby to spray it with this a solution of vinegar and water after the flowers were gone. Hubby did this on Monday. We will see if the blight comes back next year.

Have you cut any costs so far this week?

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Hi Precious. We just have Paramount + for a streaming service also. Hubby likes it. We have Disney through our kids so the little girls can watch their shows when they are here. Otherwise we just have the antenna.

I did my weekly Kroger grocery shopping and stayed in my budget. Hubby has been working in his garden a lot this week. We got the strawberry jam done, as you saw. It is not cheaper than buying the jam at the store, but it tastes so much better. We paid $40 for the berries this year, they were a couple of dollars more than last year. We had enough left that I smashed them up and put a couple tablespoons of sugar on them, and we ate them with vanilla ice cream for dessert tonight for family dinner. They were so good.

Hi Chris,

We had Disney when the grands were little. Now they are both teenagers.

Your strawberry jam looked delicious. Do you freeze it? I can;t wait until I can find local strawberries so I can get mine done. Oh that dessert sounds scrumptious.

I did a grocery pick up while Chris went to Walmart and picked up stuff City Market said I couldn’t do on pick up (bread and buns) of all things
Jimmy D sausage was 2.49
Butter – 2.49 (charged me for 5 (as I ordered )but only got 2 so I got a credit
Ball Park Dogs – 1.49
Soda was 3.50

The big thing was I cancelled our trip to Hawaii in November. I will be annoyed when it 30 deg and snowing but oh well.

I am throwing out way too much canned cat food because I cant get Shelby to either eat or she just throws it up. I hate that she got started on it when she needed prescription food but at least I’m not paying for that any longer

Hi Patti,

That sausage is a great price. I would be buying more than one of that. I only see butter that low here at Thanksgiving and Easter. Great score! Wow on the hot dogs. Did you get enough for the summer? Was the soda a 12 pack? If so all of these prices are great sales for Memorial Day.

I will bet that trip would have been a fortune. When I see jut what airfare is,. I choke.

I am so sorry about your Shelby. Have you thought about making it? I am sure there are plenty of recipes online. When my cat got older she used to give me those problems. The only thing she wouldn’t puke was small bits of American cheese. I hope it is just a phase with yours.

I hope you have a good holiday weekend.

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