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Why I Don’t Take Hubby Shopping

Our pharmacy closed this weekend. I found a new one 2 blocks from the one we went to. I visited last week and looked around the store and talked to the pharmacy personnel. I have 4 requirements when choosing a pharmacy. It has to be close to where I do other errands, it has to be very clean, it has to be one that it is in our drug plan, and the pharmacist and other people that work there have to be friendly, accurate, and efficient. I was satisfied that the new one most likely would meet our requirements. I came home and told Hubby about it. He was happy to switch there. So we switched to the pharmacy and gave that pharmacy to all of our doctors to send future prescriptions to. Then Hubby ordered two prescriptions. We were amazed that just three hours after we ordered them, they were ready.

I decided that I would pick them up the next day before I did my weekly shopping at Top’s. Hubby insisted on going because he wanted to make sure that he knew right where this pharmacy was. I told him no problem but that we needed to shop at Top’s afterward. He said okay which surprised me because he hates grocery shopping.

First we went to the pharmacy. I was anxious to see how many pills they gave Hubby for each script. We have never had a pharmacy that filled them correctly the first time. We get 90 days of pills with our plan. It would be so aggravating when I would go to pick up scripts and they would be filled with 30 because they paid no attention. Then I would have to wait while they redid them. This pharmacy did them correctly to my amazement.

Then we went to Top’s to get some loss leaders. I had a list and I even ate breakfast before we went so that I would stick to my list. However, it didn’t take long for Hubby to start picking up things and putting them in the cart. The first few were on sale which was no problem. That is the way I shop and then I shop my shelves to make meals. So we are almost always eating food that was on sale. However he decided he wanted cold cuts. I said okay and took him over to the deli and showed him what was on sale. He didn’t want the sale cold cuts. He wanted the Charlie The Butcher roast beef which the girl told me was $ 18.00 a lb. I told him but before I could say I will get some he got mad and went out to the car to saying he couldn’t get what he wanted. I continued shopping and got him a half a lb. of the roast beef. Then I picked the rest of my items on my list and checked out.

I explained to him that I have no problem getting the things he likes. But I will give him the ad every week so that he can pick out the sale items. I explained that almost everything that he would want would go on sale over a 12 week period. I would buy him enough to last 12 weeks. I told him otherwise I would need a raise in my grocery budget. He said that is fine and any time I need a raise I can just take more cash from the bank. I told him I have been doing just fine this year. So when the ad comes in the mail this week for next week, I will give it to him to look at. Then he can tell me if there are any loss leaders he wants and I will add them to my list. He is happy with this arrangement.

The first 4 items that Hubby picked up were 2 boxes of Cheez-It’s that were on sale for $3.00 a box and 2 bags of croutons that were on sale for $2.00 each. We already have 8 bags of them but they are the Caesar ones he always asks for and I guess he is tired of them. Next I got the 1/2 lb. of roast beef he wanted and noticed when I looked at my receipt and this picture that the roast beef was on sale. It was on sale for $ 14.99 a lb. which I still think it outrageous. So it cost $ 7.94 for .53 lbs. It was not advertised in my flyer and the girl told me it was not on sale.

Then I purchased what was on my list which was 2 sirloin steaks on sale B1G1F and cost $ 11.98 for both minus a $2.00 off $10.00 meat purchase Monopoly coupon so it cost me $ 9.98 for the two steaks. I got a bag of frozen tortellini which was on sale for $ 3.34. I make soup and some pasta dishes with this.

We were out of tomatoes on the vine and I want to make BLT’s this week so I purchased these on sale at $ 1.88 a lb. for $ 3.46. The last item was an 8oz. chunk of cheddar cheese on sale for $ 1.99. We eat cheese as a snack sometimes.

So my total for all ended up being $ 36.71.

Did you get any grocery bargains this week?

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Hi Precious. I was LOL! at your post today. I try not to take my hubby to the grocery either. He would definitely get the Cheezits. And any kind of hot sauce, pickles, etc. I will be going to Kroger tomorrow for this week’s groceries.

Your post today brought such a chuckle to me. Since hubby recently retired, he too is curiously checking into my shopping habits. I know he is more curious and interested than judging what or how I shop. Like you, I buy the sale and loss leader items and do my best to stick to the budget. Whenever I bring him along, lots of extras get added to the cart. On a positive note, I am training him to look for the deals and be more aware of the cost of food and how to shop, keeping the budget in mind. Fingers crossed it will pay off.

Hi smhuh,

I was trying to train him too. I think he gets it now. Our ads that start next Sunday came yesterday. He looked at them and said there was nothing he wanted. Fortunately he probably won’t step foot in a grocery store again for probably a couple of years.

When my husband retired a few years ago, he asked to accompany me one day on my weekly shopping routine. BIG MISTAKE. The guy liked it! Ever since then he’s been tagging along until finally he has now taken over! He loves, loves, loves shopping at Aldi. He gets to ‘dish the dirt’ with all the other girls and loves to keep up with the gossip. He also enjoys saving money! Who knew? Now, as what is typical of men, he has made our weekly shopping trip a ‘sports’ challenge. He competes with me to see who can buy the best while saving the most. I always let him win. LOL!!! It benefits the both of us.

Hi Precious, I logged out and back in to WordPress so hopefully this comment will come through. I was laughing at part of this post b/c my hubby loves the cheezits also and would buy them. He also likes to get crazy condiments and pickles when he goes grocery shopping. Luckily he doesn’t go often, like your hubby. LOLOL!

Hi Chris,

For some reason, all your posts started going to spam. I have approved them all. I will check the spam folder from now on. Well, I will make sure I have plenty of Cheez Its when you guys visit. Hubby loves the other things too. It must be the engineer in them.

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