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My February Grocery Plan

Unless you have so much money that you don’t care about the grocery prices, you know it is getting harder and harder to buy groceries every week. It seems they go up at least a few pennies a week and some go up by $ .50 to a dollar. Every time I hear our government say that inflation is cooling, I want to tell them that food and energy costs aren’t. But those items are not in the inflation numbers and they know that. I don’t know about you but food, gasoline, and natural gas and electricity are the most important numbers for us today. I try really hard to keep those numbers down.

The other problem is the shortages. Foods are disappearing off our shelves at a rapid rate. I have placed grocery orders over the past 6 months that have had up to 1/2 of the items out of stock. It’s just crazy!

So I have decided that this month, I am not going to deal with the craziness. If we absolutely need something, I will buy it but I think we can pretty much eat what we have in our pantry. I might run out of something we are used to getting every month but I will just make substitutions or make something else that I do have ingredients for.

There will be one BIG exception this month! I will be using my grocery budget to buy meat. Beef has been in short supply for over a year and the prices have surged. We have very little beef in our freezer except for some organic 85/15 ground beef that I buy on sale at Aldi’s and a couple of roasts and a few steaks but that it it. We have not been buying a lot because the prices have been so high.

That said the predictions are that beef prices are going to go much higher than they are now. I would like to have a few things for grilling season. So I will be looking for sales.

Yesterday when I went to another town for a medical appointment, I stopped on the way home at Niagara Produce to buy some meat that they had on sale. I like to spend my money at small family run businesses when I can.

They had a weekly sale on 85/15 ground round for $ 4.79 a lb. I had purchased some a while ago and Hubby said he loved it so I had been looking for a sale again. It popped up this week. They also had beautiful rib eyes steaks for $ 15.99 a lb. This is their regular price for now but it is much lower than I have seen at my other available stores. So I purchased 2 thick cut ones just like Hubby loves. They had a nice fat cap and were well marbled.

The ground round was a total of $ 51.25 for about 10.70 lbs. The rib eye steaks cost 33.98 for about 2.13 lbs. My meat total was $ 85.23.

When I went in the store, I looked in the meat case and was disappointed because they had none of the ground round but you could see a large space where they had been. So I went to the butcher counter and asked if they had any more. The butcher seemed surprised that there was none in the case because they had fully stocked it that morning. I guess other people like it too and knew it was a good price. He said I will check to see if we have any more ready. He came back with 3 huge packages and asked how many I wanted. I said I will take all three.

At home I used my food saver to package all of that meat up and marked it with the date and what was in it. I always food saver each package of ground round into approximately 1 lb. packages because we make two meals at a time out of it. Then it went into the bottom of the freezer. It will keep a long time. The ribeye steaks were big enough that Hubby will grill one at a time and we will split it for a meal.

By the time I did that I was beat but I still had to go back out to run another errand. When I got home, I took the rest of the day off to rest my back and watch some shows on Roku with Hubby.

For dinner I cut up some chicken breasts into large cubes. I was not up to making an elaborate dinner so I cooked it in a little olive oil with some Keto Chicken Seasoning that I had purchased a while ago at Big Lots. I just sprinkled it all over the chicken while it was cooking. I served it with a small scoop of mac and cheese that we had leftover. I didn’t even bother with a veggie which Hubby was quite happy with. It was delicious and we have some leftover for lunch today.

Are you doing anything different with your grocery money this month?

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Hi Precious! Good shopping. And I always love to hear about your reasoning behind what you do.

The only thing different I am doing this month is that I finally got to Aldi and got the things I usually stock up on there. Even Aldi is experiencing the price inflation: the canned peaches I got the end of ‘22 that were .65 ea at the holidays that year were $1.29 per can. Wow! Needless to say I didn’t buy any. They still had some of the charcuterie type cheeses from Christmas that were a decent price so got a few…. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that Hubby went with so we ended up with some extra things in the cart. Ha ha! Our bill was right at $100, but I am stocked, so we won’t need to go there for awhile. What I do is buy 6 of the big jars of applesauce, and when I open the last one, I know it is time to go again.

Tomorrow I will go to Kroger, but will be careful what I buy. Oh, and we got our electric bill and it was 125.53. So gas and electric together was 258.06.

Hi Chris,

Thank you! Yikes what an increase on those peaches. Hubby’s are always so good at doing that. But they need to be spoiled once in a while. 🙂 I love their unsweetened applesauce. I have a few jars. I use it in place of oil when I am baking. Wow our utility bills were close.

HI guys. I’m going to join in with you and rant and complain. It’s about all we can do other than just pay and pay and pay. I can’t have beef anymore BUT that is not going to stop me from having a good steak every month. Sometimes, for me, red meat is all I can do to build up my strength and feel better. Chicken and fish (or plant based) just doesn’t cut it. Shop Rite had porterhouse steaks on sale for $6.99 a pound. One steak is big enough to feed the both of us. I have the interior (more like a filet mignon taste) and hubby has the exterior section. I bought 4 steaks and the price before the sale was over $50 bucks! How can anyone afford them without the sale? Anyway, it was delicious! I froze the remaining 3 steaks.
When inflation first hit us, I was able to meet our rising cots with transferring over our monthly interest income from our new (higher paying) CD. No more. We’re short around $300 a month now despite all the cost cutting. I eliminated hubby’s life insurance. There’s no reason anymore for him to leave me any money (I won’t explain but you guys know why) That saved $225 and we’re still short the $300. Hubby got a 2 day a week job @$20 an hour and hopefully this should be a big help. He had to give up his regular job because of my illness. His new employer, thank the Lord, knows all about me and will work with hubby so that his schedule will not interfere with my schedule. Praise God for little miracles, eh?
OK. My rant is (almost) over. We just took our little 11 pound doggie for her annual vet visit. Set us back $362!!!! Can you imagine? What used to be a simple $100 is now triple the price. Thankfully our little doggie has pet insurance and after the $250 deductible we’ll get back something.
Our electricity bills have gone down. We even got $50 back from the monthly budget billing. BUT our new budget billing for 2024 went UP 10.7%. Can you imagine? We’re using less and paying more. UGH!!
OK. Rant is officially over. Thanks for letting me share.

Hi Cindi,

I didn’t get the porterhouse as cheaply as you but we paid $7.99 per lb. recently. We had one and it was delicious. Hubby and I split steaks too. We deserve to treat ourselves once in a while if we have saved the money. But I still choke over the prices. Enjoy those steaks.

I pray for you all the time for what you are going through.

Wow animals are so expensive! I don’t know how people pay those bills. My son has hefty ones. YIKES!

I can imagine the electric and gas bills. They are awful even with trying to keep them down.

You are welcome to rant anytime even when sharing. Thanks Cindi!

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