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Bonus Post Today: One Of My Goals in 2024

Besides the big goal that we are saving for in 2024, I have another one that I have always wanted to do. Since I do most of our shopping whether it be online or at a physical store, grocery store, drug store, restaurant, or take out, etc., I am never going to pay full price for anything in 2024.

If I can’t buy it on sale, on clearance, with a coupon, or a gift card that I already have or is free to me, points that I have earned for gasoline, or on Amazon, etc., I will not buy it.

Exceptions would be a car repair or maintenance or a home repair or maintenance. We also have a home garden to finish up. The landscape company will do our spring clean up which is too much for us to do. I doubt that we will get a deal on that. Prescriptions, dental or healthcare is excluded also. Basic everyday bills that we pay are also excluded. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t try to negotiate them.

This totally goes along with my goal to spend as little as possible in 2024. I would like this year to be our best savings year ever. It will be hard since so many things have gone up in price and things like healthcare are going up January 1st. It seems like everything is going up. Soon my car and homeowners policy will show up in our mailbox and I expect that will really increase. And I am sure that the town will up our assessment again. But we are going to try our very best!

Anyone set any goals for yourself for 2024?

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Hi Precious, a worthy goal. I am going to have Hubby try to negotiate some of our bills also. I think I already do a pretty good job buying things on sale, but will try to be more mindful since we will be living on a reduced income.

I was finally able to get out to Kroger today and see if there is any clearance left. I was happy to get some 2 lb packages of brown sugar for .90 ea and a few boxes of stove top stuffing for the same price. They also had some jars of Hellman’s Mayo for 2.70. It was good until August so I got 2 of them. Hubby had just opened our last one. Mayo is something that you can’t buy too much ahead, so that is why I only got 2.

Since I was sick over Christmas, I wasn’t able to get out to the after Christmas sales like I wanted to, but it is ok. I will keep looking as I go to stores over the next week or 2, but will be mindful of what I get. Tomorrow is Hubby’s last day of work. 😀

Hi Chris,

Nice shopping! I have always kept Hellman’s mayo for a year and I have never had a spoiled one. But I do reach to the back of the shelf in the store to try to get the longest date. Then any new we buy gets moved to the back. We pull from the front. Those are great prices you got.

Alexa and I did go out one day but the Christmas stuff did not get marked down in our stores. The stores found it worked better for them to donate and get a deduction rather than mark it down cheap. I was only looking for cards for next year and there were none to be found.

Congrats to Hubby. I hope he enjoys his last day.

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