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Meat Shopping This Week

All I am buying this week is meat. Top’s deals today were good. At Top’s I got 2.84 lbs. of all natural boneless pork ribs for $ 4.49 a lb. Chuck roasts were at a good price so I got a package of 2 big ones that weighed 5.12 lbs. for $ 5.49 a lb. The ground beef was 6.52 lbs. at $2.99 a lb. Last was 2 packages of Tyson Chicken patties on sale for $5.57 for each package.

Walmart is selling the chicken patties for $ 6.96. So I got a good deal and that is why I purchased 2. We love to make a sandwich with the Chick Fil A sauce. My granddaughter is coming soon to visit and she will like these. They make such an easy meal in our air fryer.

I used the food saver to put one of the chuck roasts in the freezer. The other one I will use tomorrow to make a beef stew in the crock pot. That too will be an easy meal since I will be pressure canning most of the pork ribs and all of the ground beef. I cut up some of the pork to make fajitas for dinner tonight. I thawed a bunch of chicken breasts that were in my freezer to can also. Little by little I am canning up meat from my freezer.

I am trying to make room for turkeys. This year I am going to pressure can a turkey for the first time. BTW, I noticed that Walmart has the Butterball Premium turkeys for $ 1.28 a lb. I will check everyone else’s sale prices when they are advertised but I think the Butterball’s won’t be any lower than this price which is a good price for these times.

Anyone seeing turkey prices in your area yet?

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Hi Precious, those ribs look good. I love country style ribs. The only thing I have seen so far about turkey prices here is that our Kroger will have the turkey breasts for 1.99/lb starting on Wed.

Today older granddaughter had a day off from school. Her mommy took it off too. They invited me on their fun day outing. First they went to the Dollar Tree. I gave granddaughter $5 to buy 4 things. (mommy said she would pay sales tax) I was so proud of her that instead of buying 4 things for herself, she said from the beginning she was going to buy 2 things for her and 2 for her little sister. It was fun to watch her mind thought about what to get, finding something better, choosing what to keep and what to put back, etc. She paid for her things herself. She ended up with 2 little cute baby dolls and 2 of the fancy fans that are in the craft aisle.

After this, we went and had a nice lunch at one of daughter’s restaurants and she paid with her work credits. The last stop was at the local bowling alley where on weekdays they have 1 hour of bowling, including shoe rental for $12/person. I paid for that. It was fun, but a good thing they put up the bumpers so we didn’t get gutter balls. LOL!

Hi Chris,

Thanks. Sliced up for fajitas, they were delicious. Thanks for the turkey price too.

How sweet of your granddaughter to do that for her sister.

Free lunch is always nice.

I am so happy that you take the grandkids bowling. i have always done that. Now that they are older, they seem to have lost interest. My back has definitely lost interest.

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