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Do It Now Before It Is Too Late

I tried to get a 60 count box of eggs from Walmart last week. I was getting really low on eggs. We go through a lot of them since we eat them for breakfasts, on salads, and for snacks. When my grandson and son come for a Sunday breakfast, we can go through a dozen easily.

I also tried to get a number of Clear American flavored waters, and some Coke for company. My granddaughter is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. They did not have many of the waters and none of the cola I had wanted.

We have done many delivery orders in the almost 3 years that I have had Walmart +. Never have I had so many items out of stock. I received 7 out of the 21 I ordered. I was shocked especially when they did not have the eggs.

Since I had to go out yesterday, I decided I would actually go into Walmart about 8 AM to see what was going on in my store. I immediately went to check out the eggs. They got a truck last night but they only had 3 of the 60 count eggs. I grabbed one and then went to the waters. There were only 3 of the flavor that my granddaughter loves. I purchased 2.

I wandered around the store and saw a lot of items out of stock especially canned items. The dairy isles were sparse also. They are no longer carrying the Perdue twin pack of chicken that I was getting for $ 1.14 a lb. They had single Perdue chickens but they were very small and $ 1.32 a lb. I passed on those because there was much more bone than meat. The prices were up again on a lot of items that I usually get there.

The reason I tell you this is that if you have not stocked on a few months of food, now is the time to do it. Things in the stores are not looking good.

You all know, I am sure about the war between Israel and Hamas. Oil prices are going up and I believe they will sky rocket. If it goes up to $200.- $ 300. a barrel, gas will cost us a fortune. The middle eastern countries are already raising the price of a barrel of oil. This all reminds me of 1973 when I would take our car and go sit with my infant son in gasoline lines to fill it up. The prices were always going up per gallon and there were shortages everywhere. Hubby carpooled to work. So on the day that the car was home, I would go search out gas. I can’t tell you how many times I would wait in line for over an hour and finally end up a few cars away when they would put up a sign that said they were out of gas. You could pass by a number of gas stations in our town and finally find a station that had some. It was so frustrating. Unless this war ends soon, we are headed in that direction.

Inflation, which is ongoing, is raising the price of food. However if gasoline prices keep going up that will also affect the price of your food. That is why I am telling you that if you do not have extra food in your home get it now. I know prices are high right now but this war could raise them so much higher. Even if you can only get a couple of cans of basic vegetables, fruits, meat, or fish a week, do it and start building a stockpile. Can you imagine going to the store and not being able to get what you need because there are so many shortages? I can. I don’t believe that there will be no food but I do believe that food will become unaffordable for most people.

So if you have not prepared for you and your family, start now. Nothing is more important than food.

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Hi Precious. Wow, that is amazing that you are seeing these shortages. So far, I am not seeing them here and hope it is just a fluke for you. I have been doing my usual stock ups this time of the year. Always so grateful for my stockpile. I don’t remember the gas shortages in the early ‘70s, but it sounds scary. We lived in a town of about 35k and I don’t know if there were problems getting gas where we lived. I do remember my dad and uncles working to put more insulation in our house, so guessing the heat bills were getting higher. I don’t think I will ever forget the grocery store shelves being so bare when things shut down for Covid.

Hi Chris,

You are lucky. We have been seeing them here for well over a year and a half. Not a fluke! One store or another does not have what you are looking for. Many empty shelves. Covid produced many shortages and they continue to happen here.

You were just a kid in 1973 and that is probably why you don’t remember them. They are vivid in my mind like they were yesterday. It was awful and very time consuming. When gas goes up, many things go up. That is probably why they were insulating.

I’ve encountered shortages also. In dairy, butter and some milks. Scary times ahead for sure. That’s if they don’t drop an atom bomb on us. Don’t laugh. Or shrug. It’s very possible. Hang in there.

I just found out that the main supplier to Walmart just filed BANKRUPTCY!!! Can you imagine? Their supplier went bust. Now they have to find a new one. This may be one of the many reasons why we are seeing shortages. Hope they resolve this soon.

PS: I had to share this with you. My husband found another $10 bill on the floor. He did the grocery shopping. Found it in the parking lot. Unbelievable!!

I have not been seeing shortages in my area but wow food prices are sky high. I’m buying loss leaders and what’s on sale (real sale, not just fluffed up 30 cents off sale) and eating from our stocked freezers and shelves. Scary times.

Hi Jackeey,

I agree with you. Food prices are outrageous. They are up here since I shopped last week but that is because interest rates went up. Mortgage interest rates are up to 8%. I am doing the same as you. My post today is about the meat deals I got. Scary times for sure!

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