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Yes,You Can Do It!

While I am canning my chicken and doing laundry, I have time to write to you.

So many people have said to me that they wished they knew how to can. Well, I want you to know that I only started canning 3 years ago. And my first time was a real flop. So I quit rather than waste time and food. But I spent the next 2 years learning from two wonderful ladies on you tube. I thoroughly read the Ball canning book and researched every bit of information that I could from reliable sources. Those ladies who follow the rules and give you just a wealth of information are: and .

In the meantime, I was stocking cases of jars. Last year I purchased an Instant Pot Max. However, it only processed 4 pint jars at a time and you needed to constantly be there to watch what was going on. That drove me nuts! I like to be busy not babysitting a machine. But I use my Instant Pot a lot for cooking so it does get used.

I researched to see if there was a better machine. That is how I found my Presto Precise Digital Canner. It is the only one that the USDA has approved for safety. Believe me, I am all about safety. I know it is expensive. It cost me over $300. plus tax. However I saved the money weeks in advance from unspent grocery money. But I have used it so much these past few weeks. It has minimal things that you have to do to use it. It pretty much prompts you for every thing that you have to do by beeping. I can be in another room and I will hear it.

I am loving it and it is saving us a fortune on meat which will pay it off quickly. Have you priced the canned meat on the grocery shelves? Ground beef in a 14.5 oz. can would cost me $ 6.45 a lb. I have been canning fresh for $2.99 lb. Chicken has cost me $ 1.99 – $ 2.99 a lb. but in the 14.5 oz. can, it would be $ 4.90 a lb. Pork would cost me $ 7.45 a lb. if I bought it by the case for 14.5 oz. cans. I can usually buy pork to can for $ 2.49 a lb. Meat is very cost effective to can and is easy to raw pack can. I have purchased Keystone meats back when they were a whole lot cheaper than they are today. Even at those prices, I am still saving money. Since canned meat prices keep going up, I knew that I had to find a cheaper way.

If this very old lady can do it, you can too. I have not had one jar that didn’t seal since I started using my Presto.

I was going to talk about a lot of other things today but time is escaping and I still have another load in the canner. I also have a lot of clean laundry to put away.

So look for my post tomorrow, titled “I Have So Many Things On My Mind” that I want to share.

Do any of you can?

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Hi Precious. This was a great article. As you know, Hubby does some canning. He mostly cans pickles and peppers from his garden. Plus he makes freezer pickles and we make the strawberry freezer jam in the spring. He has never canned meat. We do use the food saver and freeze some of his smoked meats. I know you know he is retiring at the end of the year, so we may get more into the canning. Safety is a big issue for us also, especially with a son who is a food scientist. I appreciate you letting us know all the resources you shared in this article, I will share with Hubby.

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