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A Little of This and A Little of That

Hubby and I planted our geraniums this morning. They look nice on the patio. We went out at 6 am this morning to do it while it was still 68 degrees outside instead of the 90 that they predicted for later. The air quality today was terrible. I did some weeding on the patio since we were out there. Those pesky things like to grow between the pavers.

We ran out of ink for our ink jet printer. We have a black laser printer that we use for most things. However the ink jet which prints in color, Hubby uses once in a while. So the best deals for us that I found were at Amazon and Walmart. I needed a 6 pack of assorted colors. We use the remanufactured ones instead of the name brand. They are much cheaper and work just as well as the name brand that we would purchase.

At Amazon, they were $ 24.99 minus a 15% off coupon plus I would get 9% back from Rakuten which would bring the cost down to $19.34. I do have $6.00 in gift cards to help pay for them. If I use those gift cards, my OOP would be $13.34. I also had to buy a $.99 item, that we use all of the time, to get the free shipping.

At Walmart, the same 6 pack would be $21.39 minus 3% back from Rakuten for a total of $ 20.65. I do have a $25.00 gift card so my OOP would be $.00.

But I ordered them at Amazon since the cost was cheaper. I will save my Walmart gift cards for a delivery order.

Today was a cleaning day so one room got done, dishes were kept cleaned up and I did a load of wash in cold water. Most of it was hung to dry. I like to dry my towels in the dryer. As usual, lights were kept off during daylight hours.

We made hamburgers for dinner tonight. I cut up some fresh mushrooms and sauteed them and topped it all with swiss cheese for mine and Hubby sauteed some vidalia onion for his. I love a good mushroom swissburger! We had strawberries and whipped cream on the dessert cakes.

I hope you all had a great day!

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Hi Precious. We had a great day. The happy hour was a big hit and didn’t break up until dark. We had finally found a wading pool and set it up earlier in the day when little granddaughter was over and kept it up for the party. The neighbors wanted to continue to do the happy hours occasionally for the summer and do a BYOB type thing.

We will be getting up in a few hours to go pick strawberries and make jam so I had best try to get some more sleep. Hate it when I wake up like this. Have a good weekend.

Today is a house cleaning day on our side as well, although I’m less enthusiastic than you. 😉 I want to put it off, but know that won’t help!

I am off work this week and taking a trip to FL to visit a friend. Taking care of me for a change. Some spring cleaning as well, washed the window tracks, the dog kennel and the floors. Rain equals lots of muddy paws! Chris pressure washed 2 of the runners but I have to shampoo the are rugs maybe next weekend.

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