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Meat Stock Up, Etc.

Niagara Produce had extra large eggs on sale for $ 1.99 a dozen. Since I only had 2 dozen left in the refrigerator, I drove down there to get 2 dozen.

I figured while I was there, I would look for marked down meat. They had none. However they have a chalkboard in the butcher shop where they post all of their meat specials. I had looked at the ad before I went and determined that I needed none of the meat that was on sale. But when I checked the board, they had whole tenderloins on sale for $ 13.99 a lb. This deal had not been in the ad. That is a fantastic price for this area. So I had the butcher cut a whole one up into 1 and 1/2 inch filet mignon steaks. I also told him that I wanted the trimmings. The trimmings sometimes are very meaty and that meat I will use in a casserole or stew. Other times when they are not so meaty, I use them to make beef broth. The bag of trimmings are in the top left hand corner of the picture. The rest are the filets. I used my food saver to prepare them for the freezer. Hubby and I have been on the hunt for steaks for a few weeks. I am also keeping in mind that steaks will most likely go on sale around Memorial Day. However, I doubt that these tenderloins will get cheaper. But if they do, I will buy more.

These are Hubby and my favorite steaks to grill outside so I am happy to have a stash of them right now. It has been quite a while since we have had a filet. The total cost of the meat was $ 84.22. That is a hefty price for meat but I have been saving up my grocery budget money that I have not used for a number of months now. So when I can find a good sale, I have the money set aside to purchase some. We have other meats but not a lot of beef.

I have continued to work in the basement cleaning and pitching or donating anything that we no longer want. I am only able to work for a couple of hours a day before my back and hip bother me. So it is getting done slow but sure.

We had a thunderstorm come through here the other night. The wind was the worst that I have ever heard. Our power went out for a few minutes and then came back on. The next morning while I was in the basement, I heard a whirring sound when the sump pump was trying to come on. I asked Hubby to go down to the basement and check it. He agreed that the pump motor was not working. We were not panicking because we have a back up but you don’t want to use that for long. Hubby said he would think about what else could be wrong with it. So after pondering it for a while, he decided to check the breaker. The breaker had not gone off. But he turned it off and back on anyhow. Then he took the pump plug from the original outlet and plugged it into the external outlet that he and my son had installed a couple of years ago. The pump turned on. So Hubby then unplugged it and put it back in the original outlet and the pump turned on. Problem solved. The power surge did something to it but now it seems to be working. We are checking it every day. I am so glad that we didn’t call our plumbing guy. That would have cost a few hundred dollars.

Lastly, talking about money: We are doing everything that we can possibly do to save money around here. Our everyday expenses have gone up like yours have. Food, clothing, outside property care, medical, homeowner, and car insurances, gasoline, gas and electric bills, etc. have taken quite a hike the last couple of years. As long as the Fed keeps hiking interest rates and the government keeps spending money they do not have, we will see massive increases in everything. We went through this with President Carter and President Obama but this is the worst I have ever seen. So get prepared.

I will be showing every little thing and big thing that we are doing to save money. The problem is that there are only so many big things and so many little things. But it all adds up!

I now feel well enough to blog more frequently. What are you doing to save money in these recession times?

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Hi Precious, I think the meat price was good. Good idea about asking for the trimmings. I am not sure if I would have remembered to do that. We are still eating some from the pig and cow meats in the freezer, so I am just buying some of the big pork pieces hubby likes to smoke (he had already smoked a lot of the big pieces from the pig), as well as chicken, turkey breasts and fish. He likes to smoke most weekends when the weather is good. If there is not something on a good sale, I usually get some whole chickens since they are cheap.

I agree that prices are going up on most everything. I am trying to save as much as I can, like you, and just buying what we need, and making do. I am so thankful for my stockpile and how it helps me stay in my grocery budget. Since I was sick last week, hubby took me to Kroger one evening to get the minimum we needed. The only thing I stocked on were the flour tortillas that were on sale for .99. I bought enough for a year and froze them. They are a staple item here. I need to find another tissue deal, I am down to my last 4-5 boxes. I had stocked my usual amount last Aug/Sept, but we have either gone through more than usual, or the number in a box has shrunk?

Hubby keeps track of the utility bills and we are doing a good job with them. I am thinking they all may be a little more than usual next month since I have had to do towels and pillowcases every day last week and this week.

We both had Dr appts in the last week and since we have a HDHP, will get bills for them. I will go ahead and pay them instead of taking out of our HSA. I am saving that $$ for when we retire. I will use my credit card to pay and will get rewards points. I save the rewards points and cash them all in at Christmas time to help with the added expenses at that time of the year.

I love smoked meat. Our neighbor has like 3 smokers so we eat out smoked meat at their home once a year.

I wish we could get cheap chickens here. What are you paying for them these days?

Good score on those tortillas. I got tissues not too long ago at Walmart. They seem to disappear over the winter and spring. I think that Dollar Tree has Scott but I don’t know if they have shrunk.

I am hoping that my utility bill goes down because we have had such warm weather and the heat didn’t turn on for days. But it has been colder than normal the past few days.

Nice job on paying the dental bills that way. I too put them on my credit card to get reward points. Hubby just had a cleaning and we have to pay our annual dental plan for the two of us in May. So that will be a large amount to get points.

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