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How I Do My “List” for Grocery Shopping and Purchasing

I prepared my “list” yesterday for my errands this morning. By list, I mean circling the good deals on the Top’s and Aldi’s ad. I don’t waste an extra sheet of paper writing out a list. I hate doing it on my phone. I am a paper and pen girl. Then I check the Walmart online site for the prices for the same items to determine if they are a good deal or not. I write Walmart’s prices next to the item in the ad. This was important especially for this ad because they had some B1G1F meat deals. Top’s raises their prices on the first item so I need to do the math at the store to see if they are a good deal. Some of the circled items were purchased and some were not.

I stopped at the Town Hall to pay our water and sewer bill on the way to the market. That way I save a stamp.

Next stop was the market. The pork tenderloins were on B1G1F. The price for one was $9.99. They are 22 ounces a piece. So I paid about $5.00 for each of them. The 85/15 ground beef was $ 6.19 a lb. I paid $ 14.79 total for the two packages which weighed 4.72 lbs. combined. That came out to $3.13 a lb. The Hot Italian sausage was on sale for $3.99 a lb. I got one package weighing 2.79 lbs. My total for that was $11.13. Today was senior citizen discount day so I got an extra 6% off my meat total and my other purchases. I love it when they have meat I need on discount day. It is the first Tuesday of each month. The last meat purchase was a new product to our store. That was a pound of beef crumbles that are frozen and cook up in about 7-8 minutes. They were on sale for $ 4.99 and I clipped a Top’s e-coupon for a $ 1.00 off so they totaled $ 3.99. These will be handy on a busy day when I forget to thaw some meat rather than have to do take out.

Hubby has not had Coke for a long time. It was on sale 3/$4.00 so I got him 3. The Ragu spaghetti sauce were 2/$3. after an e-coupon that I clipped. I also picked up 1 apple at $2.99 a lb. for a total of $ 1.29. I never thought that I would see the day I would pay that much for 1 apple but Hubby wanted it to make his waldorf coleslaw.

None of the rest of the items in the ad that I marked were purchased because they were either more expensive than Walmart or I decided that I just didn’t need them.

Top’s is running the Christmas deal on particular giftcards again this year. You can earn 1 point for each order of $50. or more. I had 2 points. The only card that even interested me was The Texas Roadhouse ones. I got 2 giftcards for $50. each discounted by $10. each for a total cost of $80. for both of them. When we visit my son and granddaughter in eastern NY, we will use them to take them out to dinner. I will get more of them when I earn more points before Dec. 24th.

I entered my receipt into Fetch and I got a $ .25 rebate on Ibotta for my receipt.

I had planned on picking up some Christmas cards too. I had 15 cards but I needed 21. But this morning before I left to go out, I went down to the storage area where everything Christmas is and I found another box of cards. So I am set.

On the way home, I stopped at the drugstore to pick up a $10. prescription. All of my errands were run in a circle to save on gasoline. However, I do have to go Aldi’s tomorrow for the $.69 a lb chicken legs or I may ask Hubby to do it since he has to go to the barber for his haircut.

How do you make your list? Any good deals this week for you guys?

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Hi Precious. I look at the grocery ads online now since we don’t get a physical ad for any of the grocery stores I shop at, except Aldi, and I don’t go there every week. I am a pen and paper person also. I write my list in the order of the store as much as possible. I had a free prescription to pick up at Meijer, so I went after my exercise class. I checked the ad before I went and the coupons they had mailed to me. I had a free bottle of Chi Chi’s salsa, so you can be sure I got that. I also had coupons for bananas and cottage cheese that I used. The other ones they sent I didn’t need, so didn’t take those. They had some good produce deals: extra large avocados for $1, a 3 lb bag of Fuji apples for .99, pint blueberries for .99, grapes .99/lb, Earthbound Farms salads and spinach for 2/$5. I also was looking for a few items for our Christmas goodie making and was able to find what I needed. I also got a couple bags of shredded cheese, the 1 lb bags were 2/$7 if you bought 2 and we were completely out. This is an ok price for here. I will check the Kroger ad tomorrow and load the digital coupons I want to use when I go there on Thursday morning.

we’re going to the .69 cent Aldi chicken leg sale too. Getting there super early! I keep my shopping list on my phone. as I need things I key it in. I can send the list to my husband’s iPhone if only he will be going shopping. works for us.

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