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Yesterday’s Attempts to Save Money

Hubby went to the lab for blood work which will all be paid for by our insurances.

I made ham and eggs for me for breakfast. Hubby had some of his homemade Keto pancakes.

We had to replace our reusable cups for our Keurig a few days ago. We bought some stainless steel filter ones which fit perfectly in the Keurig without having to remove the piece that holds the K cups. They are so easy and left no grains in our coffee which was a good thing. Our old ones were very old and were leaking grains into our cups.

The Aqua Systems technician came today and blew the water out of our sprinkler system lines so that they won’t freeze over the winter. It is cheaper to have this done than to replace parts that freeze and break. Many times you have to spend some money to save much more in the long run.

I did a load of towels along with a terry cloth bathrobe in cold water using my homemade laundry detergent. I dried them in the dryer with my dryer balls to save on electricity.

I decided, since we have such a busy week, to get a Walmart grocery delivery. It came this morning. I needed avocados, a 46 ct. box of Slim Jims, some Quest tortilla protein chips, Enlightened (Keto friendly) ice cream bars, a pint of Rebel ice cream, a bagged bacon ranch crunch chopped salad, 2- 24 oz. Great Value bacon, and a bag of angel hair coleslaw. The entire order came to $ 46.93 plus tip. Expensive but cheaper than elsewhere for me. That is really all I needed this week. The avocados were absolutely perfect much to my surprise. And the bacon is the best value that I can find anywhere. Plus whoever is pulling the bacon for my orders really knows how to pick it. It is always extremely meaty.

Dinner was steak done on our outdoor grill. It will probably be the last one cooked out there this year. The grill will be put in the shed for the winter this weekend when my son comes. I added a Caesar salad to our steak and that was dinner. We have enough steak left for another meal or breakfast.

Did you save any money yesterday?

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Hi Precious. Thanks for letting us know about the bacon at Walmart. We don’t have a WM close by, but will keep in mind just in case. After I wrote about my Kroger trip yesterday, the ways we saved money the rest of the day were by having leftover chili for supper and also, last night we put the electric blanket on the bed for the winter when we changed the sheets. We use it to warm up the bed, but turn it off when we get in. This is cheaper than keeping our house warmer at night. Sometimes on the coldest winter days, I turn it on for kitty if she is sleeping on our bed. 😉

Hi Chris,

You are very welcome. Chili is always better the next day. YUM! We used to do our electric blanket that way too. But we decided not to put it on the bed this year because of the electricity cost. Instead we have two thermal blankets on our bed and a third if need be. Thanks for sharing.

Hubby had been cleaning the RV, getting it ready for either Florida or a cold winter storage (everything depends on the cost of gas. ugh!) Anyway, he had been meaning to fix the toilet and came in to tell me that it needed to be replaced. It was defective and the cost was $200. “Isn’t it covered un warranty?” I screamed……I mean, I politely asked. “I dunno” is his steady reply. He looked it up. Contacted the mfg and sure enough, they are Fed Exing a brand new one because lo and behold it is covered by warranty. MEN!!
Saved $200 plus tax and shipping fees yesterday.

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