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Small Things We Did Yesterday to Save Some Money and an Apology

First I want to apologize to all of you who wrote such nice comments on the post about Hubby’s heart attack. I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to respond to them until this morning. I am trying to get caught up and have now responded to each and every one of you. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and so is your kindness. Hubby is taking his medicines and taking it easy like he was told to. He sees our cardiologist next week so we will see if he approves of the changes in the medicines that were made by the hospital doctors. I am very interested to see what he has to say about his heart attack. Thanks again to all of you!

Hubby had a low carb wrap with ham, provolone cheese, and lettuce for brunch. I was too busy to eat.

I had an appointment at Supercuts to get my hair cut. The stylist did a good job. I like the cut she gave me. With tip it cost me just $25. I noticed that my roots are really starting to come in. The stylist says it looks like my hair will be white with a sprinkling of gray. Hubby thinks it will make me look 20 years older and that I will hate it. I think he is right. So I am on the hunt for a coupon for hair color and I will do it myself. Yesterday Cindi told me that they have a senior discount. I don’t know if the stylist automatically gave me that or if I have to ask for it. I will ask next time. Thank you so much Cindi for that tip.

After my appointment, I stopped at Aldi’s to get the 5 lb. bag of chicken legs they had on sale for $ .89 a lb. They had none left. I wasn’t too disappointed since I have some in the freezer along with lots of other cuts of chicken.

I have 2 medical statements that came in the mail last week one of which was incorrect and didn’t show my cash co-pay that I made when I was in the office of $25. Fortunately, I always get receipts and keep them. I got that straightened out with the billing office yesterday. Medical bills are high enough without paying what you don’t owe.

The second was a medical statement from my insurance company that looked like a denial of claim that I would have to appeal for my ER hospital visit in July. I called them because the explanation of why they denied it was not there. I was told “Oh that is just a standard letter we send out when we need more info from the hospital”. It would have been nice if they had explained that and told me why instead of telling me they weren’t paying it. The representative said updates will be coming and I have no responsibility for any of that bill at the moment. I hate dealing with insurance companies on bills.

I texted my neighbor who is a good friend of ours to tell her about Hubby. I asked her if she or her Hubby knew anyone who could snowplow our driveway this winter. She told me she would tell her Hubby because he might know someone. He yelled over to me yesterday when I was leaving the house to go to the hair salon. He said he had a friend who said he would do it. We talked with him last night. He will do it from first snow through the last snow. His flat rate for the winter was very reasonable also. That is a huge load lifted off of my mind! My son who lives in the Adirondacks and is coming for Thanksgiving offered to teach me how to use the snow blower and tune it up for us for the winter just in case. I am going to take him up on that offer even if I only need it to do the sidewalk that leads to our porch. I used to snow blow once in a while when the kids were growing up but I need a refresher course.

We ate the leftover chicken enchilada casserole from the night before along with some string beans I cooked up from fresh. Waste not, want not!

Hubby and I continued last night to catch up on our shows on DVR. So that was our entertainment for the evening.

Did any of you save any money yesterday?

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Hi Precious. Thanks to God for answered prayer that you found someone so soon to do the plowing. Last night hubby and I went to Kroger. They had whole pork shoulders for $1.29/lb. We got 2 of them for him to smoke for the Halloween party on our street this weekend. He will shred them for BBQ. I had stocked on Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce in the summer to have and will get some of the slider rolls from Costco for the sandwiches. They are cheaper there. I also got some of the Halloween cake mix and frosting on clearance for the kids to frost and decorate cupcakes as an activity. We are looking forward to the party. Our daughter’s family will also come since our granddaughters play with the kids on our street when they are at our house.

Hi Chris,

Thanks to you for praying that we would find the snow plow person.

Wow! That is a great price on the pork shoulders! Your contribution to the party is very generous. You get great deals! Enjoy that party and the kids too!

You have to ask for the senior discount. Once you register your email with SuperCuts, they do send you notices and discount coupons. Sometimes $2 off. Before I went to SuperCuts I used to get my hair cut at a local beauty school. Those haircuts were only $5. Wow! But the school closed down, so Super Cuts it was. Today my husband buzz cuts my hair into a pixie style. Looks good.
I let my hair go gray many years ago. As long as you have a good cut (i.e. for me, the pixie cut) you (me) don’t look any older. It’s when my hair grows out of control I look like the Wicked Witch of the Eastern Seaboard. LOL!
I can’t believe I missed that chicken leg sale (.89 cents a pound!) My little doggie only eats chicken leg meat combined with her kibble so I am always on the hunt for low cost chicken legs. I have a voucher from Shop Rite for legs at .99 cents a pound. Probably pick them up this week. I’m limited to 4 pacs. I cook them in my Instant Pot and it makes a fantastic chicken broth, which I save and use in other recipes. The meat just falls off the bone, which I then toss. My doggie eats around 4-5 chicken legs a week!!!
Oh well. Little dogs are very picky eaters. So far, so good!

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