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My Thanksgiving Purchase Today

Knowing that my son and some of his friends are coming to spend Thanksgiving with us, I have been on the hunt for a larger turkey.

While I was shopping at Aldi’s today, I noticed that the freezer case where they normally have turkeys this time of year was about 1/2 full of them. Most of the turkeys were 9-12 lbs. I did not want one that small.

I searched through every turkey and there were only three 16+ lb. ones. I looked at the expiration dates because I was concerned that they might have been leftovers in their warehouse from last year. The big ones all had an expiration date of 04/2024. That told me that those were this year’s turkeys.

Last year, I paid $ 1.19 a lb for this same turkey brand. Today they were $1.59 a lb. Knowing that there is a shortage of turkeys this year, I bought one that was 16.96 lbs. while I could get it. It cost me $ 26.97.

Since chicken here is $3.49 a lb., I figured this turkey was a good deal. If they go on sale in November and they have any left, I may get another to cook up and use the meat over the winter in place of chicken. The bones, skin, and bits of turkey will give me a lot of turkey bone broth that I will can too.

So if you need a larger turkey for Thanksgiving, check your Aldi’s. I have been watching all of the stores and so far, Aldi’s is the first one to have them. Top’s had Jennie -O turkey breasts but that is it.

I did not mind paying the price for this one because it gave me peace of mind that I had my holiday turkey.

Months ago, I purchased a few cranberry sauces while the price was still reasonable. I have purchased a few lbs. of butter when I have a store coupon for them and they are on sale. I also purchased the sausage to make my stuffing. I don’t have the stuffing cubes yet but they should be coming out soon. When broccoli and corn were on sale I picked those up also. I use turkey broth in place of water in my stuffing so I have that on the shelf too. I make homemade gravy from the turkey drippings. I have plenty of potatoes and all of the ingredients to make pie crusts and pumpkin and apples for pies.

I am still on the hunt for a good price on whipped topping for the pies. I will also need ice cream and a couple of bottles of wine.

I am so thankful that I have these things and that I could afford them.

If you are doing Thanksgiving dinner this year, I think you should get the turkey earlier rather than later. I believe they will run out of turkeys well before the holiday.

Have any of you purchased your holiday goods yet?

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Hi Precious. Thanks for posting about the turkeys. We bring the ham each year and I saved one from when we got the 1/2 pig. So we are set on that. I also usually bring a dessert and the cucumber salad, but don’t think I should have problems with those. We will have a beef roast from the 1/4 cow for Christmas. I got a couple of cool whips at Labor Day sales and put in the freezer in case I want for the dessert. But I usually make the no bake oatmeal cookies.

Hi Cindi,

I am so sorry that your children have hurt you so badly. I agree with some of what you posted. It is tough to be Thankful. But I am very thankful that my son is here right now because Hubby is in the hospital. Both of my sons have stepped up to be with us. It’s been rough around here lately. I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop.

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