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Calculating Your Cost For Any Errand or Trip In Your Car

This is the calculator I use whenever I want to know what a trip to the grocery store, library, bank, warehouse club, to my son’s home in the Adirondacks, or any other trip will cost me.

My trip to Top’s right now will require 0.4 gallons of gas, which amounts to a fuel cost of $1.55. That is based on my SUV getting 18.2 miles to the gallon and that this tank of gasoline cost me $ 4.399.

I wanted to know if it was worth going back to Top’s to get more of the $3.99 bacon with the Super Coupon. I can only use the SC to get 1 package at a time. Well, the regular price of the bacon is $ 5.99.

Since the gas cost me $ 1.55 for the trip, the cost of the bacon if I go back is $5.54. It is hardly worth the trip considering the value of my time. My time is worth more than $.45 and the extra wear and tear on the SUV and the tires.

Now I am fully aware that I could have put the groceries in the car and gone back in yesterday but I had time constraints so that was not possible.

So I will not be going back for bacon. I may be making a trip to our bank later this week. If I do, I pass a Top’s on the way there and I will stop for it.

Use this calculator anytime you need to drive somewhere and it will give you a good idea of what you are spending on gasoline.

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Very valuable information. I had no idea. It costs me $2.36 in gas to go to my closest Aldi. Plus a $1.55 toll….and I’m looking at some serious spending. My car gets 36MPG.
Thanks for the tip.

Precious, I used to live on Staten Island back in the late 1970s. The toll then was only fifty cents. Now? It’s almost $18.00. That’s some inflation, eh?

Hi, Precious. We have been at my mom’s and just got back tonight. Her eye surgery went well. Thanks for posting this article and calculator, it is interesting to me. I haven’t had to use one of these before. We live within 5 miles of a lot of different stores, but they are different directions. Usually I plan my errands to hit several different places in the same area, like you do. It will be interesting to play around with the calculator.

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