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When Will Our Food Prices Stop Going Up?

Does anyone know the answer to that question? If so I would love to know. But unfortunately the government has not stopped printing money so they will keep going up until they do and they get a handle on paying the debt back. I won’t hold my breath!

I had not been out to the stores in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I had a list of some items that we needed so I decided to go to our Top’s to get the list and look at some sale items.

I came home with these two bags.

As you can see one of them was only about 1/3 to 1/2 full.

Total for these bags was $ 101.+ I have never in my lifetime paid this much for less than 2 full bags. I said no on a number of items because I felt the prices were just too high. I am sure that in the time I had not been shopping there that the prices have risen at least 20-30%.

These are all of the items I purchased. We did buy some items for a celebration. Our 55th wedding anniversary was in the beginning of July. I was going to many medical appointments and we never really celebrated. So tonight Hubby is cooking the strip steaks on the grill. They are in the butcher paper and cost $ 24.76. I have some fresh mushrooms in the fridge that I will saute up in butter. The Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kit will be our side.

The 12 oz. of shrimp was on sale for $ 11.99. They are for a shrimp scampi pan recipe that we want to try next week. The blueberries were on sale for $ 2.77. The avocados were on sale for $ 3.99.

Hubby wanted 3/4’s of lb. of Sahlen’s ham for his lunch sandwiches. That was $ 7.82. He also loves their deli potato and mustard salad to go with his lunch. That was $ 5.80. He also asked for 2 boxes of the Raisinets, one of which he has already eaten. They were a $1.29 each. His Ritz crackers were on sale also so I picked up this box for $ 2.88.

The Skinny Pop is my guilty pleasure. They were $ 4.49 for each of them. The cheeses are for me to snack on instead of junk food. It was $ 4.19 for the Cabot and $ 4.99 each for the Yancey’s Fancy cheese. Yancey’s is local in our county but not worth the drive right now. Usually when we make a trip to eastern New York, we stop there on our way home and load up. But we were out of them.

Hubby only drinks Decaf Coffee and this is his favorite. I am trying to get him off of buying pods for the Keurig. We have our reusable pods that we can refill over and over again.

Lastly, I bought the canned mushrooms on sale to add to my pantry for the future.

You can bet I won’t be buying any beef again unless all of the beef that ranchers are having slaughtered right now, because of high feed prices and shortages, brings the prices down on it. That should hit the market in a month or two.

Are you guys refusing to buy some items because they are way to high right now?

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Precious, I only go to TOPS when they have something on sale that I need. Such as medium eggs go on sale there tomorrow for only $1.99 a dozen. Their cheeries were $5.99 a pound! Insane. Aldi had them for $3.49 a pound but to me, still expensive. That cheese you bought at Tops is only $1.89 per 8 ounce block at Aldi. And we have an air popper since the 1970s that we can still use to pop our own popcorn (@.79 cents a pound). I hear you on the beef! Last time I bought NY strip steak for only $5.99 a pound. I bought 8 steaks, put them in the freezer, packed in sets of two. We have them once per month. That’s it. And truthfully, I can only eat half my steak. I save the other half for lunch the next day.
It’s a conundrum for sure.
I buy romaine lettuce (3 heads for $2.49 at Aldi) and make my own Caesar salad. It’s a bit of work but worth it.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much our lives have changed over these past months. Yesterday hubs and I came to the decision that our chicken cutlet buying days are over. Prices went from $1.69 a pound to over $3.00. We’re having more thighs and drumsticks now. Not happy about it but we’re doing it. Sad really. Very, very sad BUT at least we’re having chicken, is the way I now see it.
Good luck. Keep on keeping on.

Hi Cindi,

Thanks for reminding me about the cheese prices at Aldi’s. I have an air popper somewhere in a box. I should pull it out and use it. These strip steaks weren’t very tender. UGH. We are finishing up the leftover steak tonight for dinner by slicing it really thin and heating it up in some garlic and butter. Side dish will be sauteed zucchini. I hope you steaks are more tender than ours were. This is the second time that we have not liked them. I will not buy them at Top’s again. We make our won salads too most of the time. But since I haven’t been feeling that well, I bought the salad for a change. UGH on the chicken price, My Aldi has drumsticks this coming week for $ .99 a lb. I will be getting some. We love them in the air fryer. Top’s also has whole chickens for $ 1.19 a lb. I will be cutting them up with my boning knife. Thanks for all your tips!! They are much appreciated, I enjoy your blog also!

We all have to stick together and help each other. I shop Aldi for the basics. And the other stores for the lost leaders. Shop Rite most times has terrific NY Strip steak or porterhouse. That’s all we buy. Chopped beef anywhere.

Hi Precious. Wow, prices are really going up. Here too. I had a good memory of Sahlen’s ham from your post. I used to buy it when we lived in Maryland. We can’t get it anymore here. It is so good.

There are a lot of things I am just buying what I need now instead of extra like I used to do. Things like eggs, certain produce, coffee, chicken, and others. I can’t think of anything off hand that I have absolutely quit buying, I just try to wait until things are on sale. Although the sale prices are more than they used to be.

I did get a couple of good deals this week. There were flour tortillas on sale at Kroger that we like for $1/package, so I bought 12 packages (enough for a year) and put in my freezer. They are also having a sale of 1 lb shredded or block cheese for $2.99 so I bought the 5 allowed and will buy 5 more next week That is the best price for cheese I have seen for awhile and will be stocked. I will freeze some of the shredded cheese for things like lasagna or casseroles or cheese tortillas. 🙂

Hi Chris,

That’s so strange that you can’t get it in your state. It’s made right here in Buffalo. Kroger must not carry it. It is just the best. Hubby loves to have it sliced a little thicker than normal.
I agree about the sale prices. But our sales aren’t very good either. I try to stick to on sale meats and fish and the few extras we need. Those are great deals on the tortillas and cheese.

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