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Frugal Things We Did Yesterday and Today

We had enough credit card reward points that I was able to get $200. cashback yesterday.

Hubby has been saving the backs of printer paper and 8 X 11 papers that come in the mail. He uses them to print the crossword puzzles each morning from our online Buffalo News subscription. He loves doing them while drinking his coffee.

We had two red and yellow peppers that needed to be used up. I washed and sliced them and froze them to use in fajitas.

Hubby wanted to make a Waldorf coleslaw for lunches. I shredded regular carrots instead of buying them already shredded. Every little bit saves!

We got our gas and electric bill. It was $87.39. Last year’s for the same period was $98.39. So it was exactly $11.00 less. This year’s billing period was 4 days more than last year’s. Our KWH usage was 392 which is 45 less than last year. Our CCF gas usage was 5 which is 5 less than last year. However this year’s bill rates have increased quite a bit and we are still under last year’s bill. I have very carefully watched everything that we use. It is paying off! That said, we had to put our A/C on last night because it was so hot. Today and the next 4 days are supposed to be brutal. We are supposed to be 100 today. It is extremely humid outside. I still carefully watch the sun and put shades and blinds down on the windows with the sun on them.

Hubby and I were going to run a bunch of errands today that have been piling up. We decided it is not a good day to go out in the heat! One of the errands was to shop at Walmart. So I placed a delivery order which will be here in less than an hour. With the Teamster’s Union talking trucker’s strike here on the East Coast and Canada’s railroads(where we get a lot of food from and ingredients to make things) are on strike, I am not sure how much longer food will be on the shelves. Our truck drivers have a lot of issues with diesel shortages and obtaining DEF which adds to the problems. So I ordered some things that I really need.

I changed my dinner plans for tonight. I don’t want to use the stove top to make the shrimp dish so we will have state fair sausages cooked in the air fryer. It is too hot and humid to cook outside. Plus they are telling us severe thunderstorms later today. I really hope we keep our power. It is way to hot to be without it.

I will not be doing laundry or running the dishwasher today either. I do not want to heat up this house that we are air conditioning.

What have you done yesterday and today to save money?

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Hi Precious. The main things I have done yesterday and today are to stay home except for going to my classes at the Y. We have our AC on also. Right now at 4:30 it is grumbling outside like it is going to rain, but it hasn’t started yet. I made stir fry last night in the electric skillet with some pork from the pork loin hubby smoked over the weekend. Tonight we are having a packet of chicken tikka masala that I had gotten at Costco awhile back with the leftover rice from last night. We will also have peas from the frozen veggies I got at Meijer earlier in the week. We haven’t gotten our latest gas and electric bills, but I will report when we do. Yours was really good, I think.

I save my CC rewards points all year and redeem at Christmas time. Every little bit helps that time of the year. We still get the daily paper, but are going to switch to a digital subscription also, b/c the price keeps going up and up.

The rain just now started here.

Hi Chris,

I love days when I can stay home. This 5-6 day stretch of heat will do a job on the next utility bill. That pork stir fry sounds yummy especially with smoked meat. Our bill was good considering we had a rate increase in April and prices have gone up. But I consider it a win when we can use left than last year and have a smaller bill.

That is a great way to get Christmas gifts.

It just doesn’t make sense any more to get the paper. We cancelled over 6 months ago and got the last 6 months of digital for $1.00. When it just renewed it was $49.00 for the next 6 months. It sure beats the hundreds I was paying before. Hubby is happy that he can print the crossword puzzle.

Great job on the cash back! I can’t think of a single thing I did to save money, time or resources. And that’s ok, there is always tomorrow!

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