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Frugal Things Today and Yesterday

The ham that I cooked on New Year’s day was delicious. Hubby and I had it again for dinner on Sunday night. We also had some leftover pineapple that roasted on the ham in the oven. I decided since I hadn’t eaten much(guess I forgot to eat brunch) that I wanted an egg, cheese(gouda), and ham omelet with some pineapple on the side. It doesn’t make for a colorful looking plate but it sure was yummy! Hubby made himself some ham salad with diced celery, pickle relish, mayonnaise and a sprinkle of garlic powder served on Ritz crackers.

I am using up paper plates this week that were left from when we had pizza one night with company. And yes those are my bare feet! I am still learning how to take pictures with my cellphone.

I was going to throw a load of laundry in on Sunday while we watched the Buffalo Bills game. But I didn’t have enough for a full load. Hence I didn’t do it. I am trying to only do full laundry and dishwasher loads since electricity is so expensive. We ran our full dishwasher on the quick cycle using homemade detergent on Sunday night so it won’t have to be run again for a day or two.

We watched the game which the Bills won and now they have clinched a playoff spot. Way to go Bills!

We got snow overnight from Saturday into Sunday. But we decided not to waste the gasoline to use the snowblower. We didn’t even shovel. No one has to go out until Wednesday and it is supposed to warm up and rain. That will wash the snow away.

Today is Monday. Breakfast this morning was 2 eggs over easy and a piece of fried ham.

I finally had enough clothes to run a full load today using cold water and the ECO dry setting.

My property tax bill came today so I wrote a check and will go pay it tomorrow. That has risen steadily because of increases in our assessment every other year. We really got hit this year with a $30,000. increase.

We got notice in the mail today that our secondary health insurance went up by $60. a month for 2022. It is the largest monthly increase that we have ever had. That was on top of our primary Medicare going up for 2022 also.

I spent some time this afternoon doing some cleaning and watching a couple of You Tube videos. We did not leave the house today.

Hubby cut up the rest of the ham leaving a little on the ham bone so that I can make ham and bean soup tomorrow. I am hoping to put that in the Instant Pot on slow cook.

I put my great northern beans in a pot to soak overnight. I will rinse them in the morning and double check for stones.

Hubby had a ham and egg omelet tonight for dinner. I made a ham, cheddar cheese, and lettuce sandwich on a croissant and added some pickles to my plate. We have a few croissants that need to be used up.

At Amazon, I ordered some white socks for Hubby. He has been throwing his out one by one as they get holes in them. Luckily, I was able to find the same ones he is now wearing which have lasted him over 4 years. However the prices are way up. So instead of getting him 10 pair, I got him 20 figuring the prices will continue to go up.

We will be continuing to eat from our stockpile, not waste any food and do very little shopping.

So many things are rising in price including food, clothing, lumber(again), gasoline, and now my property taxes, and health insurances. We were already given notice that our homeowners and auto insurance will be going up too. I will have that bill in 6-8 weeks. Am I the the only one seeing these increases? Or are you guys seeing them too?

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I am encased in fear while I await our property tax bill come February 1st. Because both hubby and I are getting Social Security, our income went UP and we no longer can qualify for the ‘Over 65’ tax reduction law. Can you imagine? How broke does a human have to be to get any help around here? Throw in our rising health care costs (have you seen what Medicare now charges monthly???) and tent living is looking a bit more doable. Unbelievable.
I still have that leftover pineapple slices we talked about, in my fridge. I like the way yours came out in the over. Now that I can do! And eat!

Hi Cindi,

I hear you! We don’t qualify for any senior deduction on ours either and never have. Nor do we qualify for the Senior School Tax reduction in our state. I feel your pain but I am grateful that we can pay the taxes and remain in our home. I just wish they would quit raising our assessment. Yes Medicare has gotten very expensive. It ate up a lot of the increase in Social Security for many people.

Hubby loves pineapple. I can even cut it up and throw it in salad.

Hi Precious. So far it hasn’t been a very productive week here. I have a bad head cold and my nose has been running like a faucet since Fri night. I tested twice for Covid and both were negative. I have gone through so many Kleenex! It is a good thing I get a lot at BTS time on deals and since I do, I can get the kind with lotion so my nose is not very chapped. I kept kindergarten granddaughter all day yesterday, and we watched a lot of cartoons. Unfortunately she doesn’t take naps, but I did get one today.

I was able to put together some vegetable soup and cornbread for supper tonight and got sheets and towels done for laundry. I will be going to bed early again tonight. Hubby was going to stop by Kroger to get the few things we are most out of like bananas and lettuce, I wasn’t able to get there today. Hopefully tomorrow or Thurs will be better.

Hi Chris,

I am so sorry to hear that you have a cold but VERY GLAD that you don’t have Covid. Good job on stacking that Kleenex. I sure hope you feel better soon.

Soup and cornbread sounds good. We had soup for dinner last night too. In this cold weather, we love soup!

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