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The Utility Bill Has Arrived!

Since saving on the utility bills has been the topic of my last couple of posts, I have been waiting to see how much my current bill which I read last week came in at. We get billed monthly for what we actually use.

Well, we got it today. If you remember from my last post, we used about 98 less in kilowatt hours for electricity than the same period last year. We also ended up using 12.4 less in therms after they made the conversion from CCF’s to therms.

Last year’s bill for the same month was $ 156.91. The bill we got today was for $ 172. 35. Hubby looked to see what increased and he said most of it was the natural gas cost. The price of a therm was up about 45%. So the bill was $15.44 higher than last year for using a lot less electricity kilowatts and a lot less therms of natural gas.

I am very happy that we were able to keep our usage down and we hope to do that every month. I wish you all luck doing the same.

Since I will be busy the next few days getting ready for Thanksgiving, I want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday. I hope you make many new memories.

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Happy Thanksgiving AD and family. I will be interested to see what our utility bill is also. Yours doesn’t sound too bad, but you had to do a lot to keep it down.

Our electric went up 70.00 but it looks like all usage and I can only assume that some of it was because I was sick and freezing for a week, some of it was trying to get the temp right with the new system (heated floors only) and some was the big temp drops in to teens.

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