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I Have To Add Some New Resources For Buying Groceries and Household Products

With prices rising rapidly in my area, I had to find some other resources to buy my groceries and household products. I still buy loss leader food at Top’s and Aldi especially on meat and produce. But I refuse to pay full price for other items. So today, I signed up for Big Lots. By signing up, I got a 15% off Welcome coupon. I had been hearing from other people that their prices are good especially on household products. I had an account when we lived in Arizona but deleted it shortly after we moved.

So today, I ventured to my store and looked over the grocery aisles very carefully. These items were ones that are in short supply in our home and that were cheaper than any other place that I shop. The 15% off coupon brought the total down even further.

My total for all of these items was $58.43 including $ 2.73 in sales tax.

I was extremely happy to find all of the Lysol Toilet cleaner and the refill for my squirt bottle. They have been hard to find in my area and they are expensive to buy at Amazon if they even have them.

We were getting very low on dish liquid so these Palmolive 90 ounce bottles were a great buy.

I have been looking for the Cheetos Mac and Cheese for West to try for lunch when he stays with us Labor Day weekend.

Hubby likes SF wafer cookies. I buy a different brand for him but they have gone up to $ 3.99. These were $ .85 after the coupon. I only got 2 so he could try them. But if he likes them, they will stay on my Big Lot’s list. His cashews were only $10.19 for this big can.

I love Ice drinks but only buy them once in a while for a treat. I usually drink water, coffee, or tea. These after coupon were $ .67 each. They are a $1.00 in my other stores.

The Hefty 200 ft. plastic wraps were only $ 1.70 each after coupon.

I was very happy with this trip. My understanding of their rewards program is that after a few purchases they send you a 20% coupon. I think I will take full advantage of this program especially on the household products.

We have been on the hunt for an Amish bulk foods store. I found one that is less than an hour from us. I believe that one Fall day Hubby and I will make a trip there to see what they have.

I will continually look for other resources to buy our food cheaper. Have you found other cheaper resources for your food?

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Hi AD. I never thought about Big Lots for things b/c I have never lived near one until recently. Thank you for mentioning, I will check it out. By the way, the corporate headquarters for BL is near the new store so guessing they may use it to try new things. I will make a field trip next week.

We’ve gone back to the local produce stand. We avoided it for the last year and a half due to COVID (it’s very small & enclosed). We may need to stop going again, but it’s so very inexpensive for produce. I’ll also see if we can find off hours to go, vs more crowded times of day.

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