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For My Keto Readers

I found this recipe few days ago online. We normally eat meat or fish and veggies. But this looked really good. I just made sure that I used Primal Kitchen mayonaise.

Here is the link:

It is Keto friendly and so delicious. We both loved it but it does make a lot. We will be eating it all week. Hubby isn’t on Keto so he just puts it on eggnoodles.

Sorry that I forgot to take a picture before we ate.

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Hi AD. That casserole looks really good, but when I looked at the nutrition information, a serving has 31 grams of fat, which is almost how many grams I can have in a day. I will look at the recipe again and see if there is a way I can tweak it. I think hubby would really like this. Did you think the jalapeños made it too spicy? I am not usually a fan of too spicy and wonder if I could sub the canned green chiles? Thanks for posting.

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