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This Week’s Large Grocery Haul – UPDATED

I went to two grocery stores on Tuesday and combined them into my large monthly grocery haul. First I went to Top’s to pick up things that we needed that were on sale.

Hubby needed snacks so the popcorn and corn chips should last him for this month. The Italian bread was for hot meatball sandwiches that we have already eaten. He eats his brunch or lunch sandwiches on the seeded rolls. Bacon is a staple in our home so whenever I see it under $5.00 a lb. I grab it. I love mushrooms on burgers and steaks. The yogurt is my treat a couple of times a month. Eggs are always needed. I forgot to pick up romaine lettuce since I got side tracked talking with a friend. So when I stop for gasoline on the way to an appointment, I will pick it up. The last item was Angostora bitters which Hubby likes in his manhattans. I hated the price but they will last him for a year or more.

My second stop was at Niagara Produce.

We were getting low on ground beef. Aldi’s had the Never Any brand on sale this week for $ 4.99 a lb. The price has gone up. I decided to not buy it there for a couple of reasons. Hubby loves the ground chuck at Niagara Produce and it is still $ 4.75 a lb. So I decided going out on a Wednesday to get the Never Any brand wasn’t worth my time, gasoline, or money. I shopped this week on Tuesday because it was the once monthly Senior Discount day. I didn’t save much with that but every little bit helps.

I bought everything that the butcher had at the counter. But they were running out so I picked up a package from the meat case because it is the same price. The total was about 4.75 lbs. which I immediately packaged up into meal size portions when I got home using my food saver.

We love shrimp and have it at least twice a month. This 1 lb. package was only $ 7.99 and they are huge shrimp. This is the best price I have found in my area. Even when it is on sale at other stores, they don’t beat this price.

After taking inventory of our meat, Hubby was getting low on haddock. I had plenty of salmon which is what I like. So I purchased him two fresh skinless haddock on sale for $ 6.99 a lb. which is the cheapest price I have found anywhere. This will last more than a month.

I also purchased a bag of lemons and limes which I use on fish and in my water that I drink most of the day. The last item delighted me. I found canning jars. They are very hard to find around this area so when I see them I grab them. I use them for many things in my pantry. And yes, I do pay for them out of my food budget.

As you can see on my receipt, I let them know that I was overcharged for the eggs last week. They put it as a return on this receipt and then recharged me which credited me the $ .60 they owed me.

The total for Top’s was $ 31.46 and for Niagara Produce was $ 65.58 for a large haul total of $ 97.04. I will be picking up the romaine that should have been in that haul. I will let you know the price in a future post.

UPDATE: On the way to my appointment today I stopped and filled up my car’s gasoline tank. I was able to get $.20 off per gallon using Top’s points. That saved me $ 1.75. I also stopped at Aldi’s and picked up some romaine and a cucumber. They had the best price and it was on my route. They cost $3.58 so I spent a total of $ 100.62 this week.

Did you do a large haul this week or a small haul? Feel free to share with all of us in the comments.

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Hi AD. I went to Kroger this week and mostly shopped the store perimeter. I spent $73 which was good since I went over a little last week. The outstanding deals I got were 1.99 for Great Grains cereal, .77 for half a gallon of milk and b2 g1 free on Johnsonville sausages/brats. I never did find the Bahama Mama sausages, so we had the Johnsonville ones instead when the kids came for supper. The Great Grains cereal doesn’t sound like a good deal, but we like it and it is almost never included in the Post cereal sales and is regularly 4.xx a box, which I would never pay.

Medium sized. The stores here are starting to stock back up after the ski season so I stocked up as well on pantry items. Now that the kitchen remodel is done I need to teach myself how to cook fish that’s breaded and seasoned. 8.99 for 2 small pieces of Mediterranean crusted salmon is nuts. I didn’t buy any meat and am still well stocked, but I do need to spend some time getting it inventoried again and back on making a menu plan .

Hi Patti,

I am so happy that your kitchen remodel is done. Hubby breads his haddock all the time. He just dips in an egg that has been stirred up and then dips it in bread crumbs and what ever spices he wants that day and deep fries it. Good luck with the inventory.

I must be doing something wrong. You ladies rock. I want to be just like you. Last week I spent $245 on groceries BUT I was also stocking up the RV for the summer. Now, we’re back from a quick long weekend and I went back to the grocery store just to buy necessities (milk, bread, eggs, cheese) and came home $130 poorer!!!
I’m still under my $400 monthly budget but just by $25. Gulp.

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