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No Spend: January 8-11 and Our One Pan-Pot Plan

The last few days have been spent in our home. No grocery shopping, no eating out. I have exercised every day for 20 minutes. But after watching the 60 Minutes program about 90 year olds and their habits, I don’t think that is enough. I used to do 30 minutes but these 90 year olds on average are doing 45 minutes so I think I should step up my game.

My days have been spent making phone calls that needed to get done, correcting my credit unions errors, looking for another bank and investments to put our money in instead of my current credit union. The errors they have made since their last cutover are just totally unacceptable. Even Hubby who has the patience of a saint is fed up with them!

We also have started doing something different with our meals. We are trying to use up every food item( leftovers) that is already cooked in our freezer and baking it as a casserole or one pan meal.

Yesterday, I took some cooked turkey breast out of the freezer, defrosted it and diced it. Then I sauteed some diced celery, diced fresh carrot, diced onion, and diced potato in some butter. I made 2 cups of turkey gravy using packets and added it. When it thickened, I added the diced turkey. I greased a round glass pan and poured everything into it. Then I placed a ready made pie crust that was in the fridge that needed to be used up quickly on the top and cut slits in it. I baked it in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes. Hubby told me it was the best pot pie that he had ever eaten. As you can see in the picture, we ate the leftovers tonight.

Tonight, I will take leftover pork tenderloin from the freezer to defrost. Tomorrow, I will dice it and do a stir fry using some peppers that I froze last summer when they were cheap. I will add onions and pineapple for Hubby. I will make a more Keto friendly stir fry for me.

Then the next night, we will take out spaghetti and spaghetti sauce and meatballs left from when my son and granddaughter were here and make a bake out of it. Then I will thaw a ham bone and soak some beans to make soup.

I know I have more meals in the freezer, so we will continue this until all of the cooked foods are gone.

While doing this, I will also be using up fruits and veggies that are in our fridge so they don’t go bad. They will be incorporated into the dinner meals or used for brunch or breakfast.

I am always remembering, waste not want not.

What have you done frugally lately?

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Hi AD, I am sorry to see you were having such trouble with your credit union and hope you have found a new bank by now.

Your leftovers idea is a good one. We do that also. I love pork stir fry made with leftover pork hubby does on the smoker.

Today is my birthday and I made stuffed peppers with some colored peppers that needed to be used. They were so good. My daughter’s family sent a beautiful cut flower arrangement. I will email you a picture after I am done writing here. We will celebrate Thursday evening with our family. We are going to have a BBQ dinner from a local restaurant and our son will make the birthday cake. I will let you know what it is. He makes such good cakes.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! Happy Belated Birthday Chris! Those flowers are gorgeous! Yum on the stuffed peppers. I love them but don’t get them very often because Hubby doesn’t really like them.

Please do let me know what kind of cake he makes. Enjoy your celebration!

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