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No Spend Month – January 4th

This was my Walmart delivery this morning. I am only buying necessities. The grapes are to use in chicken salad this weekend. The romaine and mandarin oranges are to make salads. I am very low on green veggies so I purchased some broccoli, spinach and a broccoli and cauliflower mix.

The Hellman’s was to replace the last one that Hubby opened. We only had 6 eggs left and this box of 5 dozen was the cheapest in my town. They were only $ 5.63. The pizza is to have on hand to prevent us from getting take out if I need a night off. It was only $ 3.87 which is a lot cheaper than take out.

The crackers and popcorn were requested by Hubby for his snacks. The minute rice is handy when Hubby wants rice. I rarely eat it. This will make it easy to make. My entire bill was $ 49.84 including a $7.00 tip.

Amazon delivered my spin mop and bucket today so that I can start washing our walls soon. This is going to be a huge money saver.

I did my usual chores today and cleaned my second kitchen pantry. It didn’t take long because I keep it pretty neat. I also did my 30 minutes of exercising.

This afternoon I made a couple of business calls that needed to be done. I spent about 40 minutes waiting on hold. They seemed to be swamped after the holidays. Then I took a badly needed nap.

Hubby cooked enough chicken legs in the air fryer for our dinner and brunch tomorrow. I made some Buffalo wing sauce.

Tomorrow is my errand day so I need to get to bed early. I like to run errands during senior hours very early in the morning.

I hope you are doing well with your no spend month and that you have your exercise routine working for you.

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Hi, AD. You are doing well so far on your no spend month. I wanted to comment that I hadn’t seen so many eggs! I didn’t know you could buy them in a package like that.
I am not doing a no spend month in January, today I did a stock up trip from the mega sale at Kroger. I bought multiples of things we use so that hopefully won’t have to buy for awhile. They had some good cereal deals for hubby and I think I won’t have to buy more until back to school in August. I also got some peanut butter and Chi Chi’s salsa. And I did finally find a canned kidney bean sale for chili. It was .60/can and I spent .50/can last year. I was down to my last 4 cans so I bought a dozen at the .60 price. If I find a deal at a lower price I will buy some more.

Hi Chris,

I didn’t know that I could buy that many either until a few months ago. Now it is my preferred way to buy them at Walmart. They are always dated way in the future so I don’t have to worry about any of them going to waste. I used to love those mega sales when we lived in Arizona. I would shop at Fry’s and wait for those sales and use coupons.No Kroger here. I would love it if they bought out Top’s though. Those are good prices on the beans.

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