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A few readers have asked me what it cost to have my own website on Word Press. There was a cost of $20. for the conversion tool to import my blog from Blogger to Word Press.

I also needed to purchase my domain name. I really wanted the same name that I have been blogging under for a few years and I was lucky that it was available. That cost was $27.97 for two years.

Lastly, I told my son, my IT guy, that I wanted a SSL certificate. You can see the lock in your browser when you are on my blog. The license cost me $ 15.76 for 2 years.

So it cost a total of $ 63.73. It was worth it to me! Blogger just went to a new format and there are so many glitches and they don’t seem to care. I did not consider Blogger to be safe anymore.

Also there are so many more things that you can do with Word Press. I am not limited like I was on Blogger. I am learning something new every day. I will also be playing with the colors until I find one I really like. It takes a bit to learn something new but they have a great tutorial that really helps.

So those bloggers who are considering going to Word Press those were my costs. I consider them my entertainment for the next two years or more. Cheap entertainment at that. So far I am really liking Word Press.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving! It will just be my husband, son and I this year. Our extended family are not getting together this year, as I am sure many families aren’t either. We will be having a toast on Zoom with the rest of the family (parents, siblings and families), which is the next best thing to being all together.

I love Word Press. Been using it for years. The best part I like about it is you can track those trolls who leave nasty comments. They leave a digital trail and it is very easy to find out who they are, where they are from and can be instantly blocked!
Happy Thanksgiving. We’re doing the same thing today with a turkey we pre-cooked! Into the freezer it goes!

For storing sponges and scrubbers, I have a little drawer that’s made from the piece of wood below the sink. You can get hinges that install so it flips down and then there is a plastic insert that the sponges etc are stored in. It’s easily removed for cleaning. Lowes or Home Depot sell the hinges and it’s a pretty simple install.

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