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This Week’s Grocery Haul, Etc.

This is my one grocery haul this week. It was done at Aldi’s. We had no pork in the house so I picked up this package of pork chops for $5.94. We needed eggs so I got 2 dozen.

We needed some fresh grated parmesan cheese.  We use it to top a lot of Italian dishes. I also picked up some more baking potatoes.

We have many boxes of spaghetti and pasta but had no penne rigate which is Hubby’s favorite. The pumpkin spice bread and muffin mixes were on sale and are a quick Sunday breakfast item when we get sick of eggs.

We were on our last container of sour cream so I got one. I always have to have avocados. They are a huge part of my Keto diet to get some good fats.

Hubby loves fried onions but he has never tried the Aldi brand. They are the cheapest so I wanted him to try them to see if he likes them. 

The rice, soap, parmesan crisps and macadamia nuts will all go into our stockpile. 

My total for this shop was $56.65. Here is the receipt if it will help you with your price book.

I am still organizing and cleaning in the kitchen. I picked the kitchen first because it is huge and is the hardest room to organize. I have the one pantry pretty much done now. I also have my coffee station done and a couple of other cupboards. I have so much more to do. It is slow going because I still have errands to run, appointments to go to, laundry, cooking, and all the other things it takes to run a home. 

My son and West came this weekend to show us his new car and to have breakfast and celebrate my “39th” birthday. After breakfast, we each had a piece of the Keto peanut butter pie that Hubby made me. I added the chocolate which isn’t Keto but what the heck, it was my birthday. 

Then for dinner, Hubby made us lamb chops and some cauliflower for me which is what I requested. All in all, I had a wonderful day.

It is time for me to go out and make sure that our landscape crew does what we want in the yard. They just arrived. It is their last visit for the year so things need to be cut back etc. 

Did you do any great grocery deal shopping this week?  

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You are an excellent shopper! I will head out tomorrow and hopefully stock up some more. Just looked at our local news online and the state is telling us of a possibility of a fall Co-vid resurgence in Pennsylvania. yipee, not really. Stay well and keep stocking up.

Hi Barb,

Thank you for your kindness. Good luck with your stock up. Our governor tells us how bad it is every day and threatens to shut us down again all the time. Nobody listens to him any more but they are keeping themselves and everyone else safe. We have the lowest rate now in the U.S. I hope your state is wrong.

That peanut butter pie looks amazing! I had a few great deals on chicken, apples & cereal this week. It's rare around my area to get deals like that, so it was nice to have a few things to stock up on.

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