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August 31: The Last Day of the Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge

Today is the last day of my Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge. I have no intention of shopping today so I can tell you how much I saved. 

As I explained to you in my post about doing this challenge, I have $500. budgeted every month for groceries. When I went to the bank to get my cash out for August, I only took out 1/2 of that or $250. So that was already savings for us. 

After totaling up all of my receipts for the month, I had $11.12 left in my wallet from that $250. So I spent a total of $ 238.88 for the month.

I think I did pretty well considering that I had West for almost two weeks and he had some junk food requests. Now it might not have been possible, if I didn’t have food in my freezers and pantries. Regardless, it is very nice to have $ 261.12 in our pocket instead of the grocery store’s pockets.  

I will be back to my budget of $500. for the month of September. But I will be shopping strategically and carefully so that I can keep some of that money to spend on Thanksgiving sales in November.  More on that on Wednesday.

For breakfast, I cooked a dozen hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker. I also cooked a 12 oz. package of bacon in the oven. I ate 2 hard boiled eggs and 3 pieces of bacon for my brunch. Hubby loves it when I cook the eggs because he loves egg salad on crackers. Me, I am happy to get back to eating healthier food. It was hard while West was here. He is a very picky eater. But I couldn’t have him starve so I cooked things that he loves. 

For dinner tonight, we had taco salads. Yeah, I have been craving one.  Hubby put them together: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, diced onion, a bit of diced cucumber because I love it, sliced black olives, guacamole, and Mexican cheese. I cooked the ground meat with the hot and spicy taco seasoning. Then it was all topped off with a dab of sour cream. They tasted so good tonight!

I hope you have a great evening.

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Hi AD this is Chris. I hope you are feeling better today. You did a great job on your grocery challenge. I wanted to mention some of the good grocery deals I got this week. First of all at Kroger: ground sirloin was 3.99/lb and I got 10 lb. The chicken leg/thigh quarters were in a 10 lb bag for 4.90, so .49/lb. Whole seedless watermelons were 2.88 and Pictsweet frozen veggies were .69/package. Today I had to go to Meijer to pick up a prescription and they had eggs .79/doz, limit 2 so I picked those up also.

My daughter did the Kroger clicklist last week and asked for 3 bananas. She got 3 BUNCHES of bananas, so yesterday I made some banana bread and muffins for all of us. It was kind of funny, luckily bananas are cheap. LOL!

I just had dinner and that taco salad was making me want it right now! I think you did well on your low-spend month. I am making sure I have holiday fixings now as things WILL get worse. If they don't, I still have the food.

Good job on cutting your grocery budget in half and having leftovers! We are a family of three and I budget 300 for the month. I shop every 2 weeks. Even though I budget 300 I usually have about 30 or 40 left over. I guess I could lower my budget but I like the cushion it gives me. The money always gets rolled over into the next months budget. I keep my money in an envelope designated only for groceries.

I could not tell from your posts that Wes is a picky eater. It seemed like a typical young boy's menu. 🙂 Our 3.5 yo grandson is picky too. When he comes, it's usually chicken strips, chips or FF; or Pepperoni & cheese (Provolone cut in cubes only) and maybe crackers. He'll eat some veggies but rarely potatoes. His sisters eat about anything. Alot like our sons when they were little. Oldest was picky, youngest ate everything, except normal kid foods (hot dogs, pbj sandwiches, but would eat salads, avocados, olives, pasta).

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