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August 20: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

Well, I was definitely looking forward to having a normal dinner tonight. I went and got takeout from KFC: the thirty dollar fill up of extra crispy chicken requested by West. We like regular chicken on the bone while West likes the chicken strips. So this worked for all of us. We have enough for two dinners and possibly a lunch or I may freeze the leftovers for future meals. I was just happy to be able to sink my teeth into the chicken. I even had some mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit which is a big no no on my diet. But I was celebrating being back to normal today.

It has not been the week I hoped for. Thank God, West is here and we have had so much fun that it has taken my mind off my problem that developed on Sunday right after dinner.

For the second time in under 7 months, my denture broke into 2 pieces. If you remember from a prior post, it broke the first time right after two months. They repaired it and it broke in the exact same place this time. UGH!

So I have not had it in my mouth again until mid morning today. That is why I have been eating soft foods all week; things that I could easily swallow.

This time the lab and my dentist have made sure that this new denture they made(at no additional cost to me) is as strong as it can be. It even fits better than the other one did. I paid for the premium material to be used to make it back when I first ordered it. My dentist after looking at it very closely this time is not sure that it was made from the material he ordered. Why he didn’t notice it when it broke the first time, I don’t know. I’ll blame the virus and the craziness that was going on at that time. The lab has not responded to him on his questioning that which should probably tell us something. 

But anyhow they have both made good on it. But I have to tell you it has been beyond frustrating. I am tired of going to the dentist.  

Plus I really didn’t want my grandson to see me without my teeth. But he told me, “Don’t worry Grandma, you look beautiful.” He is such a sweetheart. I am very blessed to have him and Alexa as my grandchildren. They are both so loving. 

So this morning, I had cottage cheese for breakfast. West and Hubby had sandwiches for brunch followed by ice cream for West.

West, Hubby, and I have played some games of Blokus this afternoon. We are hoping to play “Cover Your Assets” tonight.  

West and I are double checking my pantry inventory to make sure that I have an exact count of everything. He is so helpful counting all the items.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

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My mother had dentures which my son saw. One day, as I walked into the kitchen on her lap and he was drooling all over. My 18-month-old son wanted her to take out his teeth like she did hers. He was very patient as she wiggle (not really) his teeth and talked to him. It was hilarious. She had the same dentures for 50 years and never had a break. It is too bad yours has broken twice. That is just unacceptable.

Oh, dental problems are the worst! I"m so sorry you had to experience that again, but am happy the dentist made the repair for free (as he should) to cover the previous errors. Hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your visit with West!

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