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August 10: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge and a Memory

I always think of my grandfather today because today was his birthday. My mom, my sister, and I lived with him and my grandmother from the time I was 3 until I got married. If they hadn’t taken us in when my mom left my father, I think my sister and I would have ended up in an adoption home. God Bless that man. May you be resting in peace Grandpa. I have fond memories of him and how he walked me down the aisle at my wedding. Unfortunately, he died a few months after that.

Today, it is 71 already and it is only 7am as I start to write this post. I think it is going to be a hot one. 

Brunch today for Hubby was a ham sandwich. I decided to fry up the eggplant that my son had given me. I fried it up in a little avocado oil and sprinkled it with grated parmesan cheese. Yum. 

I have been working hard most of today cleaning the house and the car. I think I am going to take a nap because I am beat. 

We just ate dinner. Hubby had a hot Italian sausage sandwich on a hoagie. I had mine on a plate with sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and grated parmesan cheese. I just am not hungry when it gets this hot outside. We hit 88 today but the humidity made it feel like a steam bath. UGH. Do you seem to eat less in the summer? 

I am off to read now. I hope you have a great evening.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. That was a nice story about your grandpa. I miss mine also. Today hubby went to our son's new house to help him with some electrical work so I was on my own for supper. I ate leftovers, so it was easy peasy. I am going to watch my favorite tv show tonight, which is Antiques Roadshow.

What a wonderful blessing your grandfather was. I had one living grandfather who I was marginally close to. Farmer's dad died when our boys were 6 & 3 and they were not close to my dad. I am so happy that Farmer LOVES his grandchildren (all 8 of them) and they all have 2 (or 3 in a few cases) Grandfathers to complete their lives.
Summer heat is not condusive to big meals. I eat my heavier meal at noon and then mostly eat a big salad (tomatoes now!) with a little protein in the evenings. We still follow our loose menu but I supplement most of the sides with that salad. M- American; T- Tacos/Mexican; W- Breakfast Night; Th-Pasta; F- Date Night; S- Grilling; S- Appetizers @ Home. I am so looking forward to cooler temps next week!

He was. Hubby's Dad died when my son was 1 and my other one was in my womb. His mom died when my sons were 9 and 7. They really only remember my mom. My granddaughter just has us for grandparents. My grandson is lucky enough to have us and his other grandparents and a great grandmother. You menu plan is wonderful.

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