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Starting My Day With a Bonus Post

As I sit here enjoying my first coffee of the day, I am going through my e-mails. I have a number of ones that are going to save me money. Really?

Arby’s wants to give me $5.00 off a $20.00 purchase if I use it by tomorrow. 

I have a number of e-mails about % off from Kohl’s.

Twenty % off everything at Vera Bradley through tomorrow. 

Up to 80% off at Ann Taylor.

Forty % off one item at CVS.

QVC has reminded me that I have a $10. credit on my account. I might use that eventually if I need something from them because it does not expire. However, I am finding that most of the time what you see that you need from them, you can find cheaper elsewhere. So if I use it, I will have to determine if it is cheaper elsewhere or with the $10. off at QVC.  

Applebee’s will give me $10. off a $30. order if I use it by the 16th. I am pondering using that next week if Hubby wants Applebee’s. Hubby is picky and may not want something from them on our take out night. There is also a possibility if we do get take out from them, that we might split an appetizer or something that costs less than $20.

The list goes on and on. This is a daily occurrence. So many e-mails that try to pick our pockets.

They have one big thing in common! If you don’t really need something, you are spending money needlessly. 

Sure I could save $5.00 at Arby’s but I have to spend $15.00 of our money to do it. If I haven’t planned to go to Arby’s, why would I throw $15. away. 

If I truly need something from Kohls, Vera Bradley, Ann Taylor, and CVS, then I could save some money. But I don’t, so they all got deleted. Sure I could buy something from them to save those percentages because I want to. But then you are not saving money, you are needlessly spending money. 

Every time you get an e-mail like this, you should ask yourself, can I use it for a need that we have? Will it really save me money or can I get it cheaper somewhere else? Am I using it because I want to? If that is the case, if you have the cash and can afford it, go for it. If you have to charge it and can’t pay the bill in full, then you should not be buying your wants.

Just a little coffee time chat to remind myself and all of you that we don’t have to part with our money just because there is a deal out there. That most of the time you are needlessly spending money instead of saving money.

I will be back with a post after dinner tonight for the Low Spend Grocery Challenge.

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I try to filter those messages to spam, and then just go through the spam folder intentionally when I'm about to make a purchase. It works pretty well.

Hi AD, this is an excellent post! I get these kinds of emails also. Most of them are in my junk email account. I have another email for personal conversations, like when I write you. It helps.

I did get hooked by Kohls this weekend. We are having the no sales tax weekend this weekend, and my daughter got the 30% code and there was free shipping. So I got some new underwear and another pair of the tennis shoes I had gotten recently that are so comfortable. I also got our older granddaughter some play pants for this winter, and a clearance outfit for the baby for when it starts to be cold this fall. Not everything was a need, but I did restrain myself from overspending too much LOLOLOL!

I keep a running list of what I need so when a good deal comes in my email, I'm ready to order. Most of them go to trash. There will always be another sale. I'm starting to think about my autumn wardrobe and realize I probably have enough to get me by this year. I work for a company where I wear logo tops during the week. I only need going to town clothes for Date Night or Saturday and nice dresses for church. As long as this pandemic continues we are not going to church, so my clothes are lasting a lot longer. Right now I only need maybe another pair or two of jeans (I wear them daily); a pair of brown flats and a couple of bras. Maybe a light cardigan. All can be purchased on the Labor Day Sales.

Hi Kay,

That sounds like a good plan. The only clothing I have bought recently was a pair of shorts that I desperately needed. I need nothing for the fall either.

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