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The Last Few Grocery Items I Had to Get This Week

I told you on Monday that I had to go get a few more grocery items when I ran my other non-food errands. I did that in the next town over today. 

I have been waiting for the organic grass fed ground beef to go on sale at Aldi’s. This is the one we almost always buy. I was down to one package and we have ground beef almost every week. So I was very happy when I opened the Aldi flyer this week and saw it on sale for $ 17.96 for 4 lbs. or $ 4.49 a lb. It is 85/15.  I got 8 lbs. If I ration it, it should last 8-12 weeks. I also needed milk there.

Since I needed ice cream for West’s visit and for Hubby, I stopped at Dollar General to pickup 2 containers of Edy’s. The sale price was $3.00 each which is a great price for this favorite ice cream. 

So I spent an additional $ 43.37 this week.  

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Hi AD,
I've been doing alot of replenishing of our pantry. We were well stocked when Covid hit, but now I must replace. Not much in the way of sales for paper products, so my budget took a bit of a hit. I took inspiration from your last post and used some e coupons at Safeway. Got a can of organic black beans for .19, 16oz frozen peas also for .19, and seltzer water 12can pks for $2.00. Challenge butter was $2.49 – used two .50 coupons that doubled. so $1.49/lb. And used a $1 off produce coupon for a free item. Best I've done in a very long time. I enjoy your posts. They inspire me to do better on stocking my pantry.

Hi Kathy,

Yeah on the restocking. I had to do that too. Paper products are so high. Wow,those are great prices on the beans peas. I am glad you got such great deals. Once in a great while there are coupons that you can use. I miss the old days of coupons. Thanks for the compliment.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I went to Kroger today. The best deal that I was excited about was the red raspberry preserves they had on sale for 1.79 after coupon. You could get 5. I am a jelly snob and now that the kids are grown and gone, I don't buy the cheap grape stuff anymore. LOLOLOL!

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