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How Is Everyone Doing?

We have been doing the same old things here. I won’t bore you with them. I have to admit that I am growing a little antsy with our section of our state still being shut down. I often wonder if our governor ever intends to let our county open up along with the rest of the counties here that are bundled into what he calls a region. 

Is everyone’s hair as bad as mine is? It is half gray/white and the other half is dyed. It is getting very long and very unruly. I can’t wait until I can go to the salon. But we have at least another 6-8 weeks before that phase will open up. Ugh!

Well, enough whining already. Let’s get down to talking about what we have done to stay frugal during the past 10 days or so.

I have only gone out for a grocery pickup. We needed some dairy, produce, breakfast meats, snacks, etc. Is anyone eating a lot of snacks during all of this? I stayed away from snacks for well over a year and then I found myself reaching for them. I got on the scale and had gained a few pounds so I immediately worked to get those pounds gone. I am now back to where I was before all of this and have a lost a couple more pounds. But the temptation always seems to be there to reach for them. I am trying my hardest not to touch them again. 

We are still working off the tank of gasoline that I purchased in February. Gas is so much cheaper than it was then but I can’t take advantage of that because of an almost full tank. 

I continue to make all of our meals at home. No take out at all. Recently, we have had chicken Caesar salads, lamb chops, pizza, hamburgers, a chicken dinner with Green Giant mashed herbed cauliflower, Italian sausage sandwiches, omelettes, and homemade tomato soup, etc. 

The mashed cauliflower price has been going up. So I have decided to make my own. I got 4 steamable bags of cauliflower on my last pickup for $ 1.00 each. That was the max that they would allow. I plan on steaming one each time I use one for dinner. Then I will mash up the cauliflower  and add butter and my own herbs. For just a little over $1.00, I will have about 4-6 dinners from one bag. Hubby doesn’t like it so it is all for me! Yum. Around here I can’t get a head of cauliflower for the price of one or two bags.

I have also found myself reusing things. I have never been a saver of plastic bags that come inside boxes. However, Hubby loves those white cheddar Grooves. He had emptied the bag that was inside the box so I picked it up to dispose of it. I couldn’t believe how thick it was. So I washed it out and dried it and I will use it the next time I pound chicken breasts flatter to make them cook faster. 

I have also been saving all kinds of containers that cold cuts come in because Hubby has been reusing them to corral things on his workbenches. 

On one of our pick up orders, I had purchased a multi – pack of sugar free ready made jello. It seems like I was always making SF jello or pudding so I needed a little break. I was washing out the little cups to put in the recycle bin and I realized that I could reuse them. So I have saved them to put my homemade mashed avocados in to freeze it. The secret is to make sure that you get all the air out before freezing so that it doesn’t turn brown. So the next time I see a great price on them, I will be stocking up. I refuse to pay the regular price of $2.00 and more for each one here.

When I cleaned the basement, I found a huge bag of baby food jars that I had forgotten that I had saved. They were from the two months after my hiatal hernia repair when they had me on a “mush diet.” So I will be using them in the same way as the jello ones.  

Our propane tank is empty. I didn’t realize it until I wanted to use the grill and Hubby said we needed propane. So I called two different places where I can get it to find out if they are doing it and how to go about getting it with minimum contact. They are doing curbside if you don’t want to go in the store. So most likely I will do that this weekend. Hubby hasn’t left the house since all of this “disease” started. I put myself in charge of doing any errands that need to be done. I remember so well how sick he was a few years ago so we are not taking any chances with this.

We have a bottle deposit in this state on sodas and sparkling waters. We have accumulated almost 6 bags of returns because there is no place to take them. I am wondering about just putting them in my recycle bin the next time they pick it up. I am getting tired of them being in my way in the garage. Since we have no idea when we will open up here in our county, I hate hanging onto them. A bag is usually worth $1.00 to about $1.50 when I bring them back. I think I will just chalk that up to convenience and let the state keep that money. When Fast Cash reopens for returns everyone will be crowding into this tiny little store to return bags and bags of them. I think I will avoid that. 

I continue to do wash once a day to keep everything well sanitized. So I have been using warm water. Most of my clothing gets hung to dry. Sheets and towels I have been using the dryer for along with my wool balls so they dry faster.

I made some homemade shower cleaner yesterday and sprayed the shower before I went to bed. When I took my shower today, I washed down and scrubbed all of the walls which was really easy because the spray had done it’s job. 

Some nights I have trouble sleeping so besides taking melatonin, I have been lightly spraying our sheets with lavender essential oil spray. It helps me sleep like a baby.  

That is about it for the frugal things. What have you guys been doing frugally?

Before I end today’s post, I have to tell you that it looks like we will see our son, my daughter- in- law and grandson tomorrow. We have not seen them since February. They live about an hour and half from us. They are coming to visit and since it is supposed to finally be nice warm weather, we will socially distance on our patio in the backyard. My son has made Hubby and I each two cotton masks. He learned how to use my daughter in law’s sewing machine and has made all of their masks. Then he had trouble finding elastic. But since he got some this week, he is making us the masks. I am very grateful because I don’t have a sewing machine and they have both been working from home and taking care of West.  He told me that because they don’t wash laundry every day, they boil their masks in water. That is a great idea! 

Now if they would just open up the rest of the state, perhaps we can see our granddaughter, son and daughter in law in the next couple of months. I so love and miss all of them! 

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Such great news that you get to see your family this weekend! You've had a lot of frugal wins over the past few weeks.

We've been doing all of the standard stuff (meals at home, repurposing leftovers, selling things on eBay, etc). I've also been doing a weekly (virtual) happy hour with friends. They aren't local, so we wouldn't have been getting together this often, but I would have likely been doing other social things. Getting together virtually (I usually have a glass of wine while we chat) is much cheaper than going to a restaurant together.

Wow! What a great frugal 10 days and you get to see your family this weekend, such happy news! Heat has only needed to be on 1 24 hour period in the pat month or so, no A/C yet. Other than that, same progress here with saving and not spending. Hubs has worked every day this week even though a couple of days were short it gets him off the couch and moving. Other than a little less work for him our lives have gotten better and more stable. Savings is up, 401K is up, financial conversations are more productive, spending is way down.

Hi Patti,

Our heat is still on but I am hoping it go off permanently soon. Yeah on your frugality Patti. Keep up the great work.

Hi Patti,

I could. Before this sickness, we had people who came around on garbage day and took the returns. But we have not seen them since this all started.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am SO happy you are going to be able to see your son, daughter in law and grandson. I know how you have missed them.

We are still ok here. Our state is opening some things like haircut places today, but I am going to wait a few weeks before I try to go. Hopefully the mad rush will be over by then? I am still going to Kroger once a week for groceries. My car has not been filled up since early March. Gas was 1.99 gal at the Kroger gas station when I went this morning. I will wait until I have half a tank to get any.

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary. We are having a nice meal at home: steaks on the grill, baked potato, caesar salad, wine and Graeter's ice cream for dessert. It will be just as nice as a meal out, I think. I did not get hubby a card, and told him not to get me one either b/c you know how we all touch them at the store trying to find just the right one. I am still helping to watch our granddaughter a few days a week now that our daughter is back to work. She is getting tired now that she is in the third trimester of her pregnancy but all is still ok.

The other big news here is that our son has started the home buying process. He decided with his new job that it was time to move from his graduate student apartment. He hasn't found anything yet, but is looking seriously and has been pre-approved for a loan. I will keep you posted. He came for Mother's Day and then for supper last night, and it was so good to see him since we had only face timed for the last 6 weeks or so.

Hi Chris,

We had a great visit! I can't wait till the day I can hug and kiss them. Yeah on the haircuts. I can't wait! I hope you had a lovely anniversary. Yummy meal you had. It's better than a meal out in my opinion.

I wish your daughter and her family all the best for this new baby. I bet she is tired. It is hard to work being in the last months of pregnancy.

Yeah on your son house hunting. It is a good time because mortgage rates are so low. I wish him the best of luck with finding what he wants. I am so glad that you were able to get together.

I live in Dutchess county. Our "region" includes Westchester and Rockland counties, two of the hardest hit in NY. We haven't been able to open yet either, even though our county has much less cases then either of those. Its getting old fast. I need a hair cut badly, as do my son and husband.

Hi Mary, my fellow New Yorker,

It is getting old fast especially since I believe most of the cases are in the nursing homes. I also believe that the state is not being consistent in their numbers of cases. Let's hope that we can open soon so that we can get those haircuts in the phase that is proper.

I think I’d let those drink containers just go in your recycle can too. We park in our garage and don’t let it get too junky.
We’ve seen some of our grandchildren, the ones with parents that are able to keep up social distancing.
I don’t know how this pandemic is going to play out. I don’t think we can just keep everything closed but it’s risky.
Husband and I will continue to mostly stay home.
I do remember your husband was so very sick. I’m glad he’s staying home

Hi Rhonda,

I think recycling them right now is the best choice.

I am so happy that you are seeing your grandchildren.I was so happy to see my grandson today. I long for the day that I can see my granddaughter.

It is risky but we just have to do our best to stay safe. We can't shelter in place forever.

I am going to make Hubby stay home. You stay safe too.

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