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Grocery Shopping Haul

This is the only grocery shopping I did this week which I did at Aldi’s. I am shopping there more and more. Their prices are so good compared to my local grocery stores and Walmart. But the best part is that if I buy on sale, we can get grass fed meat for a lot cheaper than anywhere else. We have found their grass fed organic meat to be delicious!

I really never wanted to spend so much money on grass fed meat. But I have found that by cutting the junk food out of our diet, I am able to buy grass fed a lot more often. Junk food was costing us a fortune and it has no nutritional value. We are spending no more on groceries than we were before we started buying grass fed meat. 

To keep Hubby happy on this diet, I buy these Parmesan Crisps for snacks for him. They are 100% Parmesan cheese. 

This week I have continued cleaning and organizing. Most everything on our main living floor is in pretty good shape because I keep on top of it. 

So this week, I donated some items out of our gift closet that I knew we would never use. Then I reorganized and cleaned it. 

But the biggest organization I did was under the sink. It was a mess. Every time one of us used a cleaner, we stuck it under there. UGH! So I pulled everything out and only put back what we would actually use in the kitchen. It cleaned up very nicely. The white wastebasket is our recycle can. When it is full, we take it to the recycle bin in the garage. I keep a few glass jars behind it for grease disposal. The stackable bins hold dishwasher tablets in one and sponges and magic erasers in the other. The other container holds Comet(which I clean the sink with) stainless steel cleaner for my appliances, cleaner for the gas range, steel wool pads and a toothbrush for cleaning in cracks and crevices. 

I have no need to have dish liquid, hand soap, or all purpose cleaner under there because I keep them on a tray next to the sink. Extras are always in my basement storage.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.      

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