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What I Have Been Up To

For the past couple of weeks, I have been cleaning and organizing the basement which is 2112 ft. just like the house. It has a full basement under all of it. It turned into a major project. I had great ambitions of getting it done in two or three days. Sure Precious, you are not as young as you used to be! I finally finished it yesterday. 98% of it I did by myself!  

Besides dealing with the mess, I also had to vacuum the concrete floor which was a total disaster because our pest service had sprayed down there in October and killed all of the bugs. They don’t spray the pantry because I will not let them.

The only thing I did not do was clean up the top of Hubby’s workbench. He will do that so that he can find his tools when he needs them. I have no idea his organizational system. 

Nor did I touch Hubby’s dresser project which he is in the middle of but hasn’t touched in a while. The white piece of furniture which has a glass top is going out with the garbage this week. We have not used it since our home in Arizona. If someone wants it, they can take it from near the road. Many pieces of furniture have disappeared the night before the garbage man comes. So it would not be unusual. 

After everything was clean except the pantry, I emptied most of the pantry into another section of the basement which is above. That took a long time.

Then I cleaned the entire floor in the pantry so that Hubby has pretty much a clean slate to put down the carpet tiles. Those couple of shelving units will be easy to move when he gets to that area. He actually went to Home Depot today to get some crack filler and other things he needs. It was nice that I was able to get $ 100. worth of Home Depot gift cards for $80. on a Top’s deal last year. 

The hardest thing we have to do is move the freezer which is pretty full. So we are figuring out how to do that so Hubby can lay the carpet tiles under it. Then we can move it back. We may have to ask a neighbor to help us do that.

This was the first area I tackled. 

And this was the last which is the area that our furnace, humidifier, dehumidifier, water softener and sump is in. 

Besides working on all of this, I had dentists appointments to keep, errands to run, the normal every day things, and I did not want to stop exercising one hour a day. That was very important to me!

I have convinced Hubby to hire a local contractor to do the sheet rocking. I feel it is just to much for him. So I have called and left a message for him to call me back. Hopefully we will hear from him when spring break is over. 

Over the weekend, I cooked bison burgers for us because they were easy while I finished the basement. We used to buy bison all of the time when we lived in Arizona. I finally found it at Aldi. Not knowing how good it would be, I only purchased one package. It was so tender and delicious that you can bet when it goes on sale again, I will purchase it and stock the freezer.

Yesterday, I cooked up a big batch of chicken. So tonight, Hubby and I will have salads with chicken on it.

So have any of you been working on organizing your home recently?

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That is a large basement. Mine was 1000 sq ft, at least, and people were shocked by how large it was. I am so sick that I read your statement about the sheetrock and saw the ground bison picture and wondered how they made sheetrock out of ground bison. It seems that you got your exercise cleaning out the basement.

What a great job! I definitely need to do some decluttering, badly. But until I have some Saturdays free, it won't happen. We help out watching our 3 Littles when the kids need it and it's been most Saturdays. I know they will grow up way too soon and then I'll have too much time on my hands.

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