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A Day in My Life

I got up later than normal today at 7:15am. After many bad sleep nights, over the last few years, it feels good to get 8 hours sleep.

The first thing I did was strip our bed and throw the sheets in the washing machine, brush my teeth, and get dressed. I dressed in my workout clothes which is just a pair of yoga pants and a loose top.

I went down to the basement freezer to get a piece of salmon and a piece of haddock for our dinner.

Then I got a large glass of ice water and drank it all. After sleeping all night, I had to get hydrated. While I drank it, I quickly check my e-mail, replied to any comments on this blog, and checked facebook for any messages. I also checked my planner to see if there were any appointments or errands that need to be done or telephone calls to be made today.

I head to the basement and walk at a pretty good clip(for this septuagenarian) on the treadmill for a half hour. Pictured is the digital screen on the treadmill on my way to 30 minutes. I actually made it to 30:06. Then I rode the recumbent bike for a half hour while watching a You Tube video. I have also been researching more dance videos to use starting January 1. My light weights that I use for strength are in that box on the floor.

After my exercise, I jumped in the shower, brushed my hair dry, dressed in a pair of jeans and a top, and put on my makeup.  

It was my day to clean the guest rooms so I did that. They are easy since I keep up with them once a week. I like to have them ready at all times for company. I keep the drapes closed in these rooms so that I can keep the heat down in them over the winter.

Next was about 30 minutes spent getting my 2020 planner ready to use. I put all of my 2020 appointments in it and added everyone’s birthdays to it.

Tomorrow in the allotted 30 minutes that I give myself, I will start my menu planning from my stockpile for the month of January. I also need to change the toy line under Daily Clean and Organize, because we don’t have toys, to something else and add other chores that I do. There is also(for anyone that wants to know) 3 pages of debt payoff charts. I am going to change them to savings and investment charts since we have no debt. I will be using the notes section to keep track of daily spending. You don’t have to use your planner the way they intend. I change it to what I need.  

I am now starting to get hungry, so Hubby fixed a very late breakfast for us. Two egg omelets with sauteed onion and red pepper and 1/2 an avocado hit the spot. It was delicious! Hubby loves to cook so I give him every opportunity to do that.

While Hubby was cooking, I put the wash in the dryer.

I went to take a picture of my recumbent bike monitor after the 30 minutes that I did and my breakfast but my battery was dead. I went to get another battery to find that one wasn’t charged either. UGH! So both batteries needed charging.

Next I called Medicare and my drug store because of an issue with a drug solution for a machine. I have been trying to get a refill on this for over a week and getting stumped at every turn. It is the only drug that Medicare pays for. Fortunately my pharmacist is going above and beyond and trying to get this straightened out for me.

My dryer just went off so time to empty it and make our bed. 

Hubby is out snow blowing our driveway. So I am doing up our breakfast dishes. 

Hubby just brought in the mail. He surprised me with the above wireless earbuds. I have been wanting these so that I can have music when I am exercising or cleaning without turning a TV or radio on. They are charged and operational. So I tested them. They work in every room on the main floor and everywhere in the basement. I am loving that!

Right now I am listening to some Christmas music while I am cleaning a master bathroom cupboard.

Next I wanted to watch a movie. I didn’t know that the Buffalo Bulls are playing Charlotte in the Bahama Bowl today. So I watched that with Hubby. That took up the rest of our afternoon.

We cooked dinner together. I had salmon with broccoli. Hubby had fried haddock with a salad.

Hubby will watch more football tonight and I am going to watch “The Avengers” on Amazon Prime. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Sleep is the best gift you can give yourself. I got up early & cleaned the house, then worked from home. It was so nice to have everything done before my day actually "began". I got all of my chores done today & wrapped up all of my work, so I can officially be on vacation.

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