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Grocery Shopping This Past Week & Miscellaneous

All of my shopping was done this past week at Aldi’s. This is what I purchased:

Peppers – $2.49

Peanuts – $ 1.69

Macadamia Nuts – $ 8.99

Mushrooms – $ .99

2 Cream of Chicken Soup – $ .49 each

Taco Shells – $ .89

Sweet Pickles – $ 1.39

Half & Half – $ 1.55

100% Pure Maple Syrup – $ 13.89

Red Grapes – $ .99 a lb . = $ 2.65

3 “Girl Scout” Cookies – $ .98 & $ 1.36 & $1.48

1 Cinnamon Crunch Granola – $ 2.69

1 Coconut Chia Granola – $ 2.69 

1 Large Eggs – $ .99

Total for this order was $ 45.90.

On Wednesday when they had their meat on special, I shopped for these:

2 – 4 lb. packs of Organic 85/10 Grass Fed Ground Beef – 4 lbs. for $ 17.96 = $ 35.92

1 pkg. of Cheddar Cheese Slices – $ 1.79

Total for this order was $37.71. Total for the week was $83.61.

Someone asked me if I am still following my diet. I am. The “junk food” you see is for Hubby and West who is coming to visit this weekend. Hubby shopped at Aldi’s with me for the first time ever. He hates grocery shopping but he lived through it. He thought Aldi’s was confusing and too crowded. Quite a few of these items were put in my cart when I wasn’t looking. I wanted to make sure we don’t run out of ground beef this winter. Hubby loves to make his chili recipe.

We have been very busy working on a special project. Fall always seems to be our busiest time of the year. Just getting the house ready and stocking for winter takes some time. Our landscape crew will be here for the Fall cleanup in our gardens later this month. The sprinkler system people will be here to blow out the lines. The pesticide people will be here  with bug control and vole control. At least all of these are done for us. But we have caulking and weather stripping to do. Contractors will be here all day Monday and Tuesday working on our special project. And in the meantime, I am purging the house again. Anything that hasn’t been used in a year is finding a new home. 

I hope you all have a beautiful Fall weekend. We will enjoy it and have fun with West. Be back on Monday with a post on how we handle the budget these days.

Did you stock up on a good deal this week?

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We don't tend to grocery shop during the week – just the weekend, due to our work schedules. So, no good deals on our side. We continue to eat up the food in our fridge. For tonight, the kids will have a frozen pepperoni pizza we bought on sale last weekend (a great deal at Costco) & the adults will have grilled chicken & caprese salad to use the last of some fresh mozzarella. Yum!

Hi AD, this is Chris. I went to the Meijer 10/10 sale today, but didn't get any stock up deals. I did get some of the usual things I get on this sale like frozen veggies, pretzels, etc. Meijer has these pretzels in alphabet letters that our little granddaugher loves, so I try to keep some. I was also happy that they had the lunchbox size apples for .77/lb like they do every year, so I got some fuji apples. They have many different varieties for this sale, and they are a smaller size that is good to eat. I also got caught by the clearance section and bought hubby one of those Ball sets that are for growing indoor herbs. It was 75% off and was $5.50, which I thought was a decent price. He had mentioned recently that he wanted to try to grow some indoor herbs and see how they do. His composting experiment for the past year went well, and he spread some of the new dirt on some of our yard today where he needs to re-seed. We went out for lunch today with a coupon since he was off. We went to a local restaurant that has the best fish tacos and we chowed down. Have a good weekend.

Hi Chris,

I have never seen pretzels like that. I bet your granddaughter does love them! It doesn't take much to make kids happy. I have never seen apples that cheap here. Good price for them.

I hope you enjoyed those tacos. Hubby grilled strip steaks for my birthday dinner tonight and they were so tough that they were inedible. So you know what they say about the best laid plans.

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