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Grocery Shopping This Past Week

I went shopping at Walmart and Top’s this past week. I only needed a few things and they are pictured.


2 pkgs. of shrimp – $ 7.99 each

Total was $ 15.98


4 Lay’s Poppables – $2.48 each – (2) $1./2 Q’s =$ 7.92

1 jar of Olives – $ 4.96

36 Eggs – $ 2.29

1 Primal Kitchen Mayo – $ 7.96

2 Canadian Bacon – $ 3.48 ea. = $ 6.96

Total was $ 30.09 but I used a $5.00 Walmart GC so final total was $ 25.09. 

We haven’t had shrimp in a while and I can have it on my diet so I bought these on sale.

The poppables were not needed but I decided to stock while I still had coupons.

The olives don’t last long around here because Hubby loves them. I will get more at the Thanksgiving sales.

I can always use eggs and this is a good price in my area for 3 dozen.

This is the only mayo that I eat on my diet. It’s expensive but so worth it. The last time I purchased this it was $ 8.49 at Amazon. Walmart is now carrying it cheaper.

I found the Canadian Bacon cheaper by almost $2.00 each at Walmart over Top’s.

Did you get any good deals this week? Please share with all of us. 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. The best bargain that I was excited about this past week was when Meijer had Dunkin Donuts coffee on sale for BOGO. I love the hazelnut flavor. So I stocked up on it and put in the freezer. It was $3.50/bag, which is in my price point. I will be going to Kroger sometime today to get 1/2 gal of milk for .99. Today is the last day of the sale.

INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Organic Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Egg Yolks, Organic Vinegar, Salt. That is why it costs more. I love their original but I also lover their garlic aioli.

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