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A Little of This and a Little of That

We had a quiet weekend except for yesterday. My son and grandson came to watch the Bills game with us. My son treated us to a take out lunch from Ales and Sandviches. 

Since he picked it up at halftime, we did not have to make dinner. A little snack sufficed. A day without much cooking is wonderful. I didn’t think the Bills would win because they were not looking good in the first half. However they came back to win which made me very happy. 

The rest of the weekend, Hubby watched other football games while I worked on our family trees. I have not belonged to Ancestry. com for years. I decided on Saturday to sign up for a 14 day free trial and then subscribe for 6 months. I am happy I did because there is a wealth of information there now. I am finding pictures and lots of information that I previously did not have. It is fun. 

This morning I made my to do list for this week:

– Blog every day through Friday

– Quickly pick up and clean a room a day. This takes me no more than 15-20 minutes a day and keeps my house looking good.

– Grocery shop at Top’s and Aldi’s

– Fold the towels that I washed yesterday

– Wash a load of clothes and hang them

– Take my old winter clothes that no longer fit me to Goodwill

– Exercise at the gym and at home

– Work on the family trees

– Go to my hair salon appointment

– Pick up a prescription at the drugstore

– Work on cleaning the storage areas of the basement. Toss anything that we aren’t using. 

– Grill dinners outside as much as possible before Hubby stores the grill for the winter

– Looking forward to my weekly chat with my sister. She has been away for two weeks so we need to catch up. 

I think that is enough for this week to keep me busy.
What is on your to do list this week?  

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I'm traveling for work this week, so I won't be able to accomplish any house chores. But, I still want to get things done. So:

-Journal & meditate every day
-Work out (hotel gym)
-Work on budget & plans for the rest of 2019 + H1 of 2020
-2020 travel plans

I need to wash two loads of clothes today, but having to go outside, down the ramp and up the driveway to his laundry room is just about too much for my back.

I need to check on my house, go to appointment at home, lunch, and talk to city.

I am still debating how to clean closet or spray it to get rid of silverfish he obviously is protecting from extinction.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Looks like a busy week ahead for you. I was interested to see that you do Ancestry dot com. My hubby does this also. He has done a lot of the history of my family in the past few years. His family already has a few books written about their genealogy and I think he was able to link on his Ancestry account.

This week, I am going to my exercise classes. I will have granddaughter like usual on Thurs. and am taking her to get a haircut. Tomorrow I will go to her school for the Grandparents' Day celebration. On Wed. the ladies group at our church is starting and I am going to be a co leader of one of the small groups. I am making overnight blueberry french toast to take for refreshments. I am sure I will go to the grocery a time or 2. Probably my usual trip and one to Meijer to take advantage of their 10/10 sale this week. I guess it is going to be a busy week here also, now that I have written all that down. LOL!

Hi Chris,

I so enjoy the search to find out ancestors. Enjoy Grandparents Day. Yum, that French toast sound delicious. Yes you do have a busy week too.

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