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It’s Been A Rough Day

Sorry this is so late but I have had a rough day. Besides a medical appointment this morning, I went to Dash’s for the shop I am about to show you. 

I was doing fine until I hit another car backing out of a parking space at Dash’s supermarket. I was pretty shook up and happy that no one was hurt including me. It was just a little fender bender. I haven’t had an accident since my 20’s. So it has been about 50 years. 

I managed to get most of the info the insurance company needed. I forgot the license plate of the car I hit. I was pretty shook up but I drove the 15 miles home. I called my insurance company and advised them.

Then after Hubby teasing me and calling me “Crash”,
I went back out driving to do another errand. I needed to go or I was afraid I wouldn’t get in the car again. And I do 90% of the driving. So now I am calmer and I can tell you about my grocery shop.

This is what I got at Dash’s:

1 Wavy Lay’s – $ 4.49

2 French Onion Dip @ $1.50 each

5 lbs. of Red Potatoes – $2.99

2 tomatoes on sale for $.99 a lb. = $ 1.48

1 piece of Fresh Haddock – $4.00

2 very thick cut boneless NY Strip Steaks – $27.04

Total OOP was $ 43.00.

The chips and dip are for Hubby’s football games this week. Hubby wanted some potatoes to make potato salad. The tomatoes are needed for BLT’s tomorrow night. Tonight, I am baking salmon for me and haddock for Hubby. I will add either a salad or some frozen veggies. Hubby loved the steak I got there last week. He said it was the best we had in years. So I got two more to put in the freezer. I will wrap them separately for two more steak dinners for us.

To end my day, when I came home from running the last errand, Hubby told me that we got some great family news that we had been waiting for. That made my day after everything else. 

I hope you are all having a better day than I did this morning.

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Glad your ok. My son hit the back of a trailer hitch once and made a hole in our Honda civic. Didn't do anything to the trailer just gave the Honda more character.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Hubby has granddaughter to the pool at the Y for a bit so I wanted to comment and say that I am sorry about your accident, but glad nobody was hurt. I drive a minivan now and try to always find a pull-through space if I can. Even with the back up camera, it is still scary to me. Hope you aren't sore tomorrow. <3

Chris again, I usually just plan to park in the back of the parking lots, there are usually a lot of pull through spaces there. And, I figure I need the exercise anyway of walking further. LOL!

Hi AD, it is Olga. I am very thankful that you and others were not hurt! Your driving record speaks for itself! I know how awful it is to hit another car, but seriously, be kind to yourself…accidents do happen! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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