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Saving By Getting Healthy

As you all know, I had hiatal hernia surgery on February 28th. Prior to that surgery, I was on many different stomach prescription drugs for 4 years. After surgery, my surgeon took me off of those drugs. I have not had to go back on them. So a few months ago, I disposed of them properly at a county drug collection. Getting off those drugs saved me hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

So when my surgeon said to go on a diet or I would end up having the surgery again down the road, I took him seriously.

Not only am I healthier today, but my endocrinologist officially released me last week from taking any medications for diabetes. I had stopped taking them when I got out of the hospital which she knew about. I was never insulin dependent. My A1C number is in the 5’s since the surgery. My doctor was thrilled. I am thrilled to be off the 5 prescription diabetes pills that I was taking a day. Not only were they costly but they had side effects that were not pleasant. I figure we will save over $500. a year on co-pays for these drugs alone.

Now I am planning on hopefully getting rid of my last two prescription drugs when I see my last specialist in October. We will see what he says!

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t gotten healthy. Staying healthy would have been a lot easier but sometimes it takes a while to learn that lesson. But now I am doing it and I plan on staying that way. I still have more pounds to lose but I will do it. When I get down to the weight I should be, I will maintain it. 

For me the thought of getting off those drugs was all the incentive I needed. I feel terrific every day! I thank my surgeon for that and myself for the motivation to diet and stick to it.

So if you want to save some money on your drugs, see what you can do to get off them. I am well aware that a lot of drugs are needed by some people even when they are healthy. I am talking about people who can actually do something for themselves and then be able to come off their drugs. 

It feels wonderful to be healthy at my age! I wish I had learned that lesson when I was younger.

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I would do anything to get rid of stomach pain! If you took metformin, I know about the unpleasant side effects. Good for you on your progress.

Hi Kim,

That is so cute! Thanks so much! I was just over looking at your blog about an hour and half ago. I was disappointed that there wasn't a new post. I am going to look now. 🙂

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am really happy for you that you have been able to get off some of your meds. I didn't realize you were pre-diabetic. The year long class I took at the Y about healthy eating and exercise was about this. I didn't have pre-diabetes but qualified for the class b/c of my family history. It was well worth the money I paid for it. I believe Medicare pays for the class now, if you would want to look into it. I know you have a Y membership. It really helped me. I wish I could get off some of my meds, you are so right about the side effects. Luckily the meds I am on are not costly. One of them I get for free at Meijer since it is on their free prescription program.

I have lupus, so staying on top of my health is my top priority. It's a lot of work, but worth it, as I'm in "remission" & don't need to be on any medication. Instead, I focus on keeping my stress level down, getting plenty of sleep, working out, & eating well.

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